Should the average white person apologise for Slavery?


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Should the average white person apologise for Slavery?

For many years now I have been trying to reason why I as an individual should apologise for slavery.
Neither I nor any of my ancesters owned or traded slaves in any way shape or form.
I come from a long line of working class individuals whose ancesters struggled to keep themselves alive.
This is the situation that I believe most white people belong to.
I beieve that the only difference between a black slave and a white serf was the serf was free.
But was he free?
The land he farmes was owned by the landowner as was the hovel he lived in, in reality he was just as much a slave as his African brother.
It could even be argued that the slave was better treated because he had a commercial value and was worth money, the serf on the other hand was worth nothing.
So in reality the only ones who should be apologising are those rich land owning families that traded slaves and ill treated peasants.
But the apologies should be to both black & white.
However all this happened a very long time ago, those that should be apologising are long dead and buried. Perhaps it would be just as well to consign the facts to history and just get on with life

Any thoughts on this feel free to expand.


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Who has asked you, as an individual, to apologise?

What was your reply?

Society as a whole has been apologising for slavery for many years.
Surely it is time to put the blame for slavery where it belongs, not on the whole white population but those who profitted from it.


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Unlike the Rhinoceros, the descendants of slaves do not appear to be facing extinction. Individual slaves perished, of course, just as individuals perished in Hiroshima, the holocaust, in the trenches and other theaters of war. "Hell, yes". one might say. "It must have been awful but historically, had I been a slave owner I hope I might have been a kind and compassionate master." We are born into times that are not of our making.

Right now, the rhinoceros deserves an apology - are we doing enough to prevent it's extinction? What can the average person do about it? Not much really. Well, one could rename a behemoth HMS Rhino, or HMS Elephant, and send it on a shopping expedition to Hong Kong. But maybe the folk there wouldn't welcome it, what with their little islands in the ocean and all. Guess I shouldn't have said that. Delete.



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There was great deal of compliance between tribal chiefs in Africa and the slavers. Not all slavers were white men. It is true that white men profited most from slavery in the western world but they were only doing what was accepted practice globally at the time.
Viewed from today's viewpoint the practices regarding slavery were appalling but so were a great many other things going on in the world.
In short, there is no need to apologise .


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For many years now I have been trying to reason why I as an individual should apologise for slavery.

One more time.

Who has asked you as an individual?
Not society as a whole.

Give us a name and we'll have a word 'cos you shouldn't be asked to do that.


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Slavery, that was then. This is now.
So do we start apologising now for Brexit, Corbyn, the Queen or anything else that may upset the generations of anti this and that that follow?