Should Slim keep posting on Rum Ration

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 19, 2007.

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  1. It has been brought to my attention by a member that much of what I am posting is not wanted.
    I post articles I find in the media which I find interesting (many of which are controversial). This has led to many comments from one member who instead of either agreeing or disagreeing and leaving a legitimate posting leaves what I can only call pure drival.
    So please vote so that I know if you wish me to stop my postings or not
  2. Nah, keep posting Slim.

    Most of them brighten up the day in a not too exciting Naval Base!
  3. Keep on posting Slim.

    If I find a thread of no interest, I ignore it. Tell them to do the same.
  4. Slim keep posting mate. If they /he/it/she don't like it they have an off button.
  5. I expect many RR are stuck at their post or desk and are only too glad to have a topic to repsond to. Not every topic interests me but I have enjoyed one or two of them so keep posting away, Slim.
  6. As a much higher intellect once said, you can't please all the people all the time......and there are some contributors on RR who you can't please at any time.
  7. I am sorry? I am not understanding the question.

    Do we not have a right of free speech subject of course to the usual restrictions? You know public order offences, slander, libel, blasphemy,sub judice requirements.

    Do we, as Her majesty's Armed Forces, frequently go to war to defend this principle (amongst other more dubious reasons?)

    You post away Slim, the heart of a democracy is free debate.
  8. Keep posting slim, it passes my time sat here toing sod all!
  9. I have mentioned to you before, regarding you posts, but heres goes again

    you only seem to post the entire front age of the bbc news web site

    you post all abve mentioned posts in about a one hour slot

    this means that at some points all the posts on the front page of rumration are stories I could look up myself and I have to go tralling though the forums to find stuff that I might have missed,

    In princapal I don't mind you posting anything about anything, it's a free country, but would be nice if you could space it out during the day

    there no doubt I'll get loads of incoming from you and your many supporter, however I thought I'd another dimention to the arugment
  10. Wompers
    Thanks for your input and I understand your points. however not everyone has the time to trawl through the BBC website so I try and pick out amusing and pertinent to RR members. this does not stop others examining this website themselves.
    No incoming from me at all Womps, we may not agree on many things but you are mature enough to understand that we are all entitled to our views.
    You are also the only member who has voted No to coherently and concisely post reasonsfor your vote.
  11. Keep posting slim.
  12. Carry on posting "Slim" , no big deal in my book , :wink:
  13. Keep em coming mate, this site belongs to all of us :) at the end of the day.

    As has already been said, if a post isn't interesting to the person looking (or trolling ;) ) then it can easily be ignored.

    As for the front page being full, its only a click of the mouse to look elsewhere on the site, you lazy trout!! :D
  14. You are doing a fine job Slim.
  15. Dead simple, Slim has as much right as the next member to post on RR (even if he is a yakker and can stomach Nimmos ales).

    If you don't like it, don't read it!!!

    Carry on Slim.

  16. Pol Nimmo's has long gone :( However Federation is still available, cheap and good. A brewery owned by the clubs :)
  17. That's what I like about members of the legal fraternity( sorority) , always make four sentences do the work of one.
  18. Aye Fed was an ok pint but we'd better be careful mate as this thread may be taken as irrellevant :wink: :wink: :eek: :eek:

  19. Not really bothered either way, you have the right to express your opion, but sometimes the way you put that across, is at times very much offensive and bias.
    But thats what makes the world go round.

  20. Thanks RB
    Sorry if it comes across as offensive and I suppose if I have a strong opinion on something my posting could be seen as been biased.

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