Should servicewomen wear all medals with bows?


Lantern Swinger
Why is it that some female recipients of medals and decorations are allowed to wear the MBE and George Cross with a bow, (see evidence below)? Yet when awarded campaign, LS& GC and other medals the female recipients must wear them as men do on a medal bar, even when not in uniform.

all females (other than Dames Grand Cross) wear it from a bow on the left shoulder.

Ladies not in uniform wear the George Cross, suspended from a wide bow of dark blue ribbon, below the left shoulder. See photograph of bow here:

I hope you are not a cross dresser who is going to award himself an MBE or the GC? You should think big and award yourself something like a CBE which you can wear on a long ribbon around your neck. As pointed out by LTCOOTB most Orders have a Civil and Military list. The rules for the Military List are also Governed by Tri Service Dress Regulations. Incidentally if you look in Wickpedia, your virtual brain, you will see that very recently a young Female Private in the RAMC was the very first Female to be awarded the MC. It am sure she will not be the last and we will see a female recipient of the CGC before too long. To pick up on the comments by LTCOOTB above, do you know the way some US Colleges awards degrees by Post , is there a similar sysyem for Medals? If so it might be of interest to you!

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