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Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with Limit

Should there be "Private Forums" that no-one can access without permission of the Moderato

  • Yes - Why not? It's a free world.

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  • Not sure. Seems all a bit iffy to me.

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  • Don't care.

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  • Wow! An ATC/AC board?! How do I join?

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Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

I would suggest that general issues can be covered in either the FAA or GS forums which we already post on. The private site is specific to AC/ATCO issues or banter and of little interest to anyone outside that sphere. We are just trying to avoid the 'Chaff' from the various loonies that jump into the open sites with their own hidden agendas. Please keep it as it is!
Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

I originally supported the idea of hidden caves for the shy troglodytes here but the open debate held on DLs pursuaded me that they were in fact not a sensible way forward and I have just voted against them. I do think that perhaps we need to have refuges for debate for more sensitive souls, for which the currently moderated QD seems perfectly suited. Hig has suggested that we have a seperate forum for gays on the QD. I have suggested instead that we continue to debate matters openly on Diamond Lils with the option of discussions on the QD taking place as an alternative venue, with offensive material being removed, but with a clear editorial policy (in general terms) set out.


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