Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with Limit

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by geoffrey, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. No - what have they got to hide?

  2. Yes - Why not? It's a free world.

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  3. Not sure. Seems all a bit iffy to me.

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  4. Don't care.

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  5. Wow! An ATC/AC board?! How do I join?

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  1. As we all know - GoodCO and BadCO have their own secret Bat Cave that they can discuss site issues with the various board Moderators, but should other people be allowed to set up Private Groups that only their "special friends" can see/read/contribute to?

    I ask this because there is a bit of a debate on the FAA board about the ATCOs/ACs having their special secret board that they can discuss Pigeons, Homer and PAR Recoveries (mmmmm) and for some reason they don't want anyone else to look at it. Personally, I think it's a great shame, as it makes them all look slightly silly and rather precious.

    Besides, if people don't want to read stuff that is not interesting to them, no-one's forcing them to.

    But what do YOU think..........?
  2. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    I can understand 'hidden/private' boards run by MODs themselves, however not run by a normal member.

    There are reasons to why certain boards are set up but to have a board so a member and 'their' friends only can go and b1tch etc wouldn't be counted as fair.

    Plus it would leave the main board dead with posts :wink:

    RumRation is a new site, it needs time to grow. Maybe down the line other boards will be set up.

  3. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    Apologies about the apostrophes in the poll questions by the way - no idea why they've come out as the bizarre "" rather than " ' ". Oh well....
  4. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    Er - what? Why would the ATCOs want to have secret squirrel online chats with other ATCOs? You can't tell halitosis on the internet! (Sorry ATCOs - love ya really!)

    I don't like the idea of secret boards - the whole site would fragment very quickly - what's to stop every little branch and trade having a unique hidden board - the whole point of Rum Ration would disappear. I vote "NO".
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    And the Jennys board is??
  6. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    Think she has one set up as "Secret Womans Business"
  7. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    I thought this had already been discussed at length
  8. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    Here are the results of a previous Poll held on Diamond Lil's

    Should Rum Ration Contain Private ie Closed Boards

    Yes 13% [ 3 ]

    No 72% [ 16 ]

    Who Cares 13% [ 3 ]

    Total Votes : 22

    But then as "Chockheads_WM" said, (Quote) (apart fom the occasional OD who pops his head above the gunnels to make some stupid remark only to have it ignored). (Unquote)

    I remain your Faithful OD

    Nutty xxxxxxx
  9. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    To whom it may concern,

    I think the idea of private chat's is a good one, and one that should be encouraged. Unfortunately, some members will disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it is after all, a free democratic society we live in.

    I enjoy being associated with ATC / ATCO / FC / AC and the like, (well OK, maybe not FC!!!!) (Sorry FC's) But why would I want to go and talk on another "Private Group" about Submarines / Windy Hammers / Blanket Counting / Spanner Spinning or Pillow Biting on RumRation? (Answers on a postcard please!)

    I joined RR to talk to like-minded people about subjects we can all discuss fairly and openly. There are plenty of pages in which we can ALL do this. When I want to talk about work related stuff, I'd rather talk to people who know and understand what I'm going on about. (This in no way casts any ill-feeling to anyone who knows all about The 552 / ILS AZ Only / GCA / CCA / SSLL / QNH / DME / SID / PMP / CTZ etc..... Who isn't anything to do with Aviation) But we all have our little languages that only we understand.

    There is absolutely nothing stopping anyone else opening up a Private Group to discuss things. As long as we all keep an eye out on the general RN stuff and keep posting things on it then Rum Ration can continue to grow and grow.

    DBF 8)
  10. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    Remember when Rum was first started, the CO's asked members to pitch any ideas to the MODs. Guess how many people came forward?

    Not many................................

    Now, think of it this way, if every board was to have a private forum then Rum would die. Every one will be hidden away in their little groups; you know the clicky stuff you'd rather ignore on board.

    I respect some 'old and bold' would want a place to relax but I am not fully open to there being 'private/hidden' forum all over the shop.

    RR is still young, if your patient then something may open up in the future. Instead of pitching threads, pitch it to the MODs, we are approachable and don't bite (depends what time of the month).

    If you feel that you need to air a frustraction but it may cause trouble, PM a MOD, we are here to help in any way we can.

    I'm putting the kettle on, who wants a wet?

    Your ever charming,



    Edited to say: Not meaning this in an evil PMT way, I just don't have the certain 'charm' :oops:
  11. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    Its raised its head again,why? im ex atc and have no intention of joining them, lets have some air traffic jokes,or would that upset the little dears?you want private? do what i do use e mail and skype and your web cam, have a conferencehave fun,see each other, but dont hide it away on here,you make me feel ashamed of being ex atc,but then ive got nothing to hide.
  12. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L


    Go on then - NATO Standard for me!

    Not wishing to drag this on and on and on etc. If RR can sustain the private forums then by all means keep them in, if it would risk shutting down, then by all means lets not have them. I do quite like the idea of having somewhere to relax though.

    Keep on smiling

    DBF 8)

    PS. higthepig, I'm sorry you feel that way about "them" (correct me if i'm wrong, but you are one of "them" too!) Ok, things may have changed since you left. The AC Branch wasn't even being thought about back then, but you sound a little bitter about the whole concept of us having a chat, you could pop in and maybe catch up with a few people who's email address you don't have or haven't heard of skype!

    Still keep smiling

    DBF 8)
  13. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    Yes i was one of them,im not bitter at all,by the way try skype its free,i talk to old navy friends in america holland oz uk spain conference is great,if they havent heard of skype,they have now.

    Ah well,cant sit around here doing nothing,people will think im working.
  14. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    Just came across this one and pleased to see it's been given the BRA. I witnessed another formerly good forum taken over by a small group and it is now very quiet. Nobody could comment without some SA remark sometimes very personal. They needed a private forum while the rest could treat the forum as it should be for good clean banter and jackspeak.
    As it is written, " if you want a duff build a bastard', hence, " If you want a private forum build a bastard". Even had one of the AHs try to hack my machine. I traced the ISP to France. Sad as the internet is great for so many reasons so keep the forum open and let everyone play the ball and not the player,
  15. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    We started a couple of closed forums on ARRSE at the request of users.

    One was an attempt to satisfy the old and bold of ARRSE who wanted an area free of the ever increasing number of internet loonies (that went with the growth of the site) and felt that it wasn't like 'the old ARRSE'. The jury is out on this one, but I don't think Rum Ration would benefit from that for a while.

    Another couple are for particular training courses with members who really should know better and therefore wanted a bit of extra protection! Quite successful.

    The girls have one.

    Oh, a locked one for an online game that became popular for a while and group tactics needed to be discussed. Also successful.

    There may have been more. We are always open to suggestions, but we have found that there needs to be sufficient demand or the thing will die. No use means no one wants to read it etc.
  16. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    I would suggest that general issues can be covered in either the FAA or GS forums which we already post on. The private site is specific to AC/ATCO issues or banter and of little interest to anyone outside that sphere. We are just trying to avoid the 'Chaff' from the various loonies that jump into the open sites with their own hidden agendas. Please keep it as it is!
  17. Re: Should RumRation Allow "Private Forums" with L

    I originally supported the idea of hidden caves for the shy troglodytes here but the open debate held on DLs pursuaded me that they were in fact not a sensible way forward and I have just voted against them. I do think that perhaps we need to have refuges for debate for more sensitive souls, for which the currently moderated QD seems perfectly suited. Hig has suggested that we have a seperate forum for gays on the QD. I have suggested instead that we continue to debate matters openly on Diamond Lils with the option of discussions on the QD taking place as an alternative venue, with offensive material being removed, but with a clear editorial policy (in general terms) set out.


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