Should RR have seperate fora for ewe lot?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Always_a_Civvy, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. Sheep shaggers (Moderated by Polaroid)

  2. Rum (Moderated by Higthepig)

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  3. Baccy (Moderated by Spider loving Golden Rivet)

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  4. Lash (Moderated by the Jossman)

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  5. None of these: I'll post my suggestion below

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  6. There should be no seperate fora!

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  1. You have a list of options... take your pick and justify your decision here. This is a serious examination of your attitudes.

    Oi, Pol, get that ewe off my! :neutral:

  2. I think there should be a seperate forum for those with late Sunday night AntiFlash fetishes, whilst wearing at least 3 layers of clothing.........

    Sorry just me then???
  3. Steve you cluck, ewes go to the front!!!!

  4. Womps has just suggested a singlemothersnailkeepingkickedoutofralieghduringbasicsoncequedtogetintojestersonawednesdaynightbeforeitwasopen forum! Here.
  5. Well if we are being serious here (if just for a moment) then I will have to say that in my humble opinion, there is absolutely NO need for seperate forums on this site.
    If anybody feels that they are honestly being unfairly treated then they should use the complaints procedure if a PM doesn't solve the problem.
    Banter and flaming each other is a way of life for many of us on this site, certainly those in the mob past or present, and we don't see harm that may be caused by it, although generally deep down, no offence is meant (or seldom meant anyway). :smile:
  6. Lamri, Steve being serious in Lils? Shurely shome mishtake. I agree with your sentiments though Lamri, the humour and banter on the site are not meant to offend. Perhaps a warning should be posted at the top of the home page that content may offend any and all at any time and therefore you should pack your sense of humour before entering any forums, not required for Submariners forums as they are a bunch of........ :twisted:
  7. erm, I've done it again, haven't I :(
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    poof ......fcuk off. the great thing about this country is we have absorbed the arseholes who want something more.

    prove to me why a fudge packer should have a more favourale time then your normal young thruster?
  9. surely I'm not the only one I thought the web was somewere all the freeks and geeks of the world united
  10. Oops... I'd forgotten about that! :oops: :oops: :oops:
  11. No reason at all why either the ewe thruster, sheep rammer or ram thruster should be treated any differently to anyone else, and that includes, ewe, me, Pol and NZ... But why do ewe keep trying to ram me.... oi, get off my back Pet of Pol... stick to matelots... real ones.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    ....Pol.... I think ewe have a problem with your pet sheep... it's gendered confused... I think I'll call it.. er... Blobby!
  12. Whatever you want shippers , sorry a bit pissed , just got back from the club , :???:
  13. How about a seperate forum for anyone thredders with this mundane claptrap of "should we have a new forum for X" and (needless) advocation of gayness, which is inevitably followed by gay-bashing/counter-gay-bashing (ad infinitum, ad nauseam).... anyone?

    :mrgreen: :roll: :roll: :lol:
  14. The wonders of BOST; or just your preferences for the weekend?
  15. Steve

    I could'nt resist this but thankfully the gruesome bit has been denied.,,1989465,00.html

    Wanna buy a croft???

  16. Can we have a separate forum for "children of the thirties" who left school at fifteen and can speak and write understandable English regardless of their background, and who wish to discuss reasonable topics concerned with the Royal Navy, past and present?
    Or should I just f*** off, change my signature, and pretend I am a produkt of the modren gendre obssessed genarshun of unaversaty edukatid peepil wiv propper degries in fings like medya studdis?

  17. I have never expected any extra privilages for shagging sheep, so why should Steve,Ken and any others expect preferential treatment for their sexual preferences. This is an RN/RM issues site. If you wish to discuss gay issues here fair do's, but don't act surprised when you get some incoming and I don't mean [email protected]#. :shock: :wink:
  18. I have a really radical suggestion, and I am sure this is going to get me lamblasted (no pun intended). What about if you do not always agree with the comments of members who are gay/sheep shaggers/snail keepers/rum drinkers/lawyers * you merely ignore their post and move on to the next one?

    Your arguement maybe that this is a website that can be used by people wanting to join the senior service, but I think you will find that youngsters these days are not as bigoted and ill informed as many of you narrow minded oldies.

    I would remind you all that there is a residual right of free speech as long as common law and statute are not contravened - eg libel, remarks that could be considered racist etc. Please please get a life, and stop worrying about what the rest of us think.

    * delete as appropriate

  19. Well said Rosie...even if you're a Lawyer!! (sorry) :grin: :grin:
  20. Wot abowt a sight for Lawyers and Seacock to fite it owt 2 the deaf?

    Personal Details wiv 'eld

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