Should public sector workers be allowed to do two jobs?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. In the light of a recent criticism* of Gordon Brown's position on MPs not doing outside work - for which they get paid in addition to be paid as full-time MPs, and in the light of the current ban on other public sector employees, should other public sector workers oaid to do full-time jobs also be allowed to do second jobs in the private sector, to share their experience of the public sector and gain first hand experience of the workings of the private sector?

    For example civil servants in Inland Revenue could be a valuable asset to large companies trying to reduce their tax donations to HMG. Likewise members of the armed forces could enter politics, part-time as MPs, etc.


  2. Yes that would be nice, an ex scouse stoker.....Minister of culture.

    That would work 8O :D :D
  3. Around Bath, there are a few Public Sector workers of the “clerical†variety who have evening jobs. It allows them that little extra for luxuries such as a car, a holiday or a social life. I hardly think MPs and top Neddies consider themselves Public Sector workers anyway.
  4. My best mate worked 9-5 for Glasgow council, they barely afforded him minimum wage and with the workload he had (him being of the hard-working ethos) it was crippling. Health and all sorts went downhill with the job. This is what I would class true service, working to death for the public for a barely legal wage (at times the system wouldn't actually update to a new minimum wage, meaning he would be paid under minimum wage for a number of weeks :( ) Eventually this money would be paid back, but not without some degree of effort.

    MP's providing a public service? More like servicing the public imo. :evil:
  5. Yes -If they are all as hard-working as the magnificent MP for Richmond the Right-Honourable William Hague. The folically challenged Yorkshire tyke can show those effete southern poofs a thing or three about the value of hard-work.

    In addition to his salary as an MP he also brings in an extra million pounds a year from his additional 54 jobs.

    No word on whether Baldy Bill from Rotherham sees any conflicts of interest :angel7:

  6. When I was in during the last few years I was watch keeping in Dolphin. During the off time I was trying to start a business up and worked in Southampton Docks as a driver, stevador and banksman (with permission). Whilst in the dock I found I was working with members of the RCT from Marchwood millitary Port. Some worked there as a neccessity as the RCT seemed to get paid less than a skimmer.

    So why not if their other work is up to standard?
  7. I say 'yes' because they can't get the 'one' right so maybe can get one out of the two or three.

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