Should John Terry be stripped of the England captaincy?

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by soleil, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm a bit old fashioned (if it can be called old fashioned) about this kind of thing. No cutting of an oppo's grass, even if you don't like them. Bad drills in my book and only leads to trouble.
  2. i could see the Italian one actually stripping him of the captains band as he doesn't seem to take any shite.
  3. I knew that Terry had been donking Bridge's girlfriend but I hadn't realised that he had also been using his Flymo.

    That's cold dude and I agree - bad drills.

    RM :thumbright:
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Anytime I've seen (bad use), I mean heard (another bad use), its always left a nasty smell (I give up). :wink:
  5. D'accord

  6. He may lose it ,But i dont hink he should it is his private life if he wants to shag someone else besides his missus its up to him
  7. All you could hear at Burnley yesterday was " Same old John Terry.... always cheating" :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. To the extent of taking out an injunction; which, in effect, would have used the English courts to collude in deceiving his wife and team-mates?

  9. ''There is now a strong belief among fans that Terry may have caused irreparable damage to England’s chances of success at the World Cup in South Africa in June.

    Although he is seen as a vital member of the squad, his behaviour has turned him into a pariah and has deeply unsettled his team-mates''

    Load of bollox. :roll:
  10. Who actually gives a toss?
    Load of bloody overpaid nancy boys anyway.
    Not exactly going to end the world is it?
  11. Bad drills, never see off an oppo (unless it's going to get a laugh!)
  12. We'll be blaming Wayne Bridge next for putting cash before family and singing for City...! Only one person to blame here John Terry, he's ended our World Cup dream early, I like to wait till the summer for that to happen.
  13. everyone is banging everyone else these days..........and for as long as the sun has risen in the east and set in the west, On a certain flattop on a far flung trip, we had 4 S/R wrns. The 3 married ones were shagging OOW and the 4th was single and fat n ugly, no one shagged her. Well they might have been but it was kept quiet.

    I dont give a flying F who is banging who, AS long as they dont preach to me about it.

    Religeous folks, they are the worst, abusing smallie boys etc, fecking candle lighters especially, (and in paddyland). Politicians, they are some of the worst, on both sides of the pond. I felt kinda dirty when I found out that major was banging that slag, Currie years ago. YUK.
  14. Capello's just phoned wayne bridge and said "i've just spoken to JT and he's lost the captain's armband.
    Do me a favour and have a good look under your bed for me "
  15. There's two thing's you should'nt mess about with. 1 is fire fighting & the other is another mans wife!!

    I think (she's single anyhow.)

    Anyway my point is that it's obviously not his first time he's played away from home. The only difference being he got caught this time.

    Bearing this in mind, he's still a good manager weather he gets caught or not!!

    But we'll still blame him when we loose the world cup! (Enough said!)
  16. Who are you talking about, Capello or Terry?
  17. Maybe some METO, too? :roll:

    At least Billy Bremner (RIP) had a perfectly acceptable and legitimate excuse.......

    The spoof Vodka adverts at the time said:

    "I used to be Scotland's Football Captain.......until I discovered Smirnoff"
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good to see the excuses coming out early, can always fall back on the old classic if he does 'nt make the plane about, "playing when the sun shines". :D
  19. To be fair, you can't really blame him can you?

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