Should it be renamed RNAS Con-drose


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Well boys you have to pay for your food and accomodation, unless of course you and your mates would like a free trip playing footie.

Jobless yobs con Navy into giving them free holiday - by claiming to be a football team

When a cash strapped semi-professional football team asked to use the training facilities at a Royal Navy base, the sailors were only too happy to help out.

Robert Vassall, 34, manager of Wolverhampton City Football Club, made the desperate plea on behalf of his side who he said played just one division below the professional Football League.

So in a gesture of kindness, the Navy arranged a series of friendly matches and two weeks of pre-season training for the 22 players at RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall and gave them rooms at Falmouth University campus.......................................................


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Bugger, that's my plan out the window then! I had our family holidays planned out for the next ten years, sorry I meant our basketball team :bball:

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