Should Iceland be made to pay?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Apr 17, 2010.

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  1. With all this ash coming from Iceland etc, should they be made responsible for all the nause they have caused.
    They wouldn't pay their banking bills so is it right they get away with this load of chaos?

    Perturbed of Middle Earth.
  2. You right Rod, nip up and get a couple of squid for me will you? :D

    But middle earth? you probably have a few dirty hobbits of your own :D
  3. They certainly seem quite happy to fcuk our economy as much as possible...
    Who'd have thought such an insignificant country could do this to us!
  4. I was hit on the head by a frozen chicken, a black forest gateux & a garlic bed, I think it was the fall out from Iceland
  5. And they inflicted Kerry Katona on us the bastards!
  6. Wasn't that 'Bjork' ? :?
  7. AND they nicked OUR Cod!
  8. My two favourite hobbies are fishing and rape luckily they have much in common.
    They both start with a lot of waiting around in secluded areas followed by a sudden rush of excitement.
    Then the age old dilemma
    Do i kill it or let it go.
  9. Its no good geting all wound up yet, we should all just wait and let the dust settle
  10. BUT RAGE CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!! hehe ahem.

    Maybe this is a big insurance scam by iceland to get out of paying their debts..........'Sorry, we cant repay what we owe because our island just blew up......but the insurance people are going to pay out soon tho'
  11. It might last a little longer yet. the BBC are saying it could last a few more weeks until everything is back to normal.

    Iceland volcano cloud: The economic impact

    The cloud of volcanic ash drifting across Europe is continuing to make much of the continent a no-fly zone this week.
    It is still unclear how long that disruption will last, but the longer flights are grounded, the greater the impact will be on businesses and the wider economy.
    The most direct casualty of the ash is the airline industry.
    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that airlines are collectively losing £130m per day in lost revenues.
    If the disruption persists for several weeks, total losses could run into billions, having a catastrophic effect on an industry already set to lose £1.4bn this year.
  12. I am stuck in sunny (yes, SUNNY) Gosport for days now due to this goddam ash. Can't get away even by ferry - the ones from Pompey wanted 400 squid (yep, you read that correct) to go to Spain as foot passengers!

    Then, today out of the blue, we were called by a pal in Spain who has to be in a vital meeting in London on Wednesday and who knew of our plight - could we meet him in Calais at 19/2000 tomorrow and drive his car back to Malaga! Sadly, it is a 09 plate Mercedes SLK convertible, yes, really. Deep joy!!

    So the plan is to drive our hire car to Dover, drop it off and go across as foot passengers. But it will take us a good couple of days to drive back home to Spain.

    Can I ask Iceland for my petrol expenses`and accom at the Formula 1 or Ibis?
  13. Iceland hav'nt seen this much white dust since Kerry Katona was doing there advertising.!!
  14. I'm voting for the Icelandic party.

    They've done more to control immigration in the last week than the government have done in years.
  15. I second that keep the bastards out :lol:
  16. Its not a volcanic cloud - the epicentre has been traced to the icelandic treasury. Seemingly they're burning all their IOU's .... Yeah I know the drill - hat, coat...
  17. And here they are...
  18. It's always quite special when ignorant racists can't even cope with their own language.

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