Should I wait until PRNC?


So basically i’m the most indecisive person ever. I can’t decide between 4 (completely different) roles. Namely, Personnel Logistician (writer), Medical Assistant, Warfare Intelligence, or CIS. I went to the AFCO today, but i felt it was more shiny “Join the Navy!” speech than realistic info? Lots of talking about how cool it all is and how you chase drug traffickers and will be in a boarding party etc. I would like to be deployed and i’m worried writer etc might be low on actual deployment. My question is, is it worth just waiting until i take my PRNC so i know which roles I even qualify for? Because I’m really not sure how to decide. Thanks :)


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All branches play a full role onboard - Writers, MA's they all get to be boarding parties, fire fighters etc - one branch should draw you more than others ??


The NSRT (Recruit Test) is the first stage of the application process, and the options available to you will be determined by your score.

After your medical you will have an interview and by this point you will need to know what role you want to apply for as part of the interview is explaining your training pipeline, where you could be based etc and this is role specific.

So to answer your question if you want to apply for a role but are not sure if you would score high enough, apply for it, sit the test and then your AFCO will tell you what options you have. Then you can do research on what appeals to you the most out of what's available and you will have a good few months (trust me the application process takes ages) to decide.

I may be wrong but I believe changing roles can be done quite easily up until the moment you schedule your interview.

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