Should I tell my AFCO?


I will be applying for the role of surface warfare officer. However, I am aware that because it is a competitive role combined with coronavirus backlogs, my chances are diminished.

I expect the AFCO to mention the role of submariner warfare officer. My preference is definitely for the surface role, however if it was a choice between being a submariner and not being accepted, I would probably choose to be a submariner.

Should I tell my AFCO this? I fear that if I do, they will just try and convince me to be a submariner, as those are in high demand. I fear that if I don't, I might not have the chance to join as a submariner if I don't succeed with the surface role.



You have two ways of looking at this:

1) do what you are wanting to do, because it will all be worth the wait


2) join the submariners to be part of the navy ‘potentially’ sooner

I know both are pretty obvious but you need to think about what is important to you and make your own choice. Reflect on pros and cons of both roles and go from there [emoji1417]

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What stage of the application are you at?

I'm in the process for Surface Warfare Officer and things are still moving along. Despite COVID and backlogs, I have progressed during lockdown. Personally, if I was in your position I'd wait for the surface fleet. As Domino said, it'll be great to get to BRNC quicker by going down the submarine route, but does an earlier start date make up for the fact that you'll be in the submarine fleet rather than the surface fleet?


Well keep in mind about 50% of warfare surface candidates who attend the AIB end up in BRNC in normal times. Now there's a massive backlog and (presumably) retention will be increased massively because of massive unemployment which means less officers will need to be recruited anyway especially in an oversubscribed role such as warfare. You could end up at the AIB in a year and half or however long you'll have to wait, do quite well and still not get into BRNC because they're only taking in the very top percentage of candidates

Just some things to consider...

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