Should I stay I should I go now.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by copenhagencup, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. My 21 year point mans time is immenently approaching, I took up the offer of 2OE10, do I submit my 12 months notice, or do a bit more.

    Pros for staying.
    Money for old rope.
    Possible redundancy due to reduction of RN.
    Job security.

    "Frustration" Its crap, the RN is run by civvy companies who have us over a barrel, procurement far too expensive, thus they bring in consultants (not cheap)who say cut manning(redundancy). Why aren`t the RN more user focused ask the user what they want not some senior officer who will be joining the aforementioned civvy company on the back of the contract.

    Join the dark side(civvy) and make a difference from within.

    I would be happier and see more of my family.

    I would receive my pension and could invest my gratuity thus it would grow faster than if I stayed in.

  2. What skills do you have to use in civvy street?

    Believe me its not so brill out here unless you have a job that you enjoy.

    If you find you miss the camaraderie of the RN consider the RNR perhaps.
  3. I am a chief WAFU tiff, just completing a Bsc in Technology, any offers.
    (job offers please fish ed`s)
  4. Yes, but what can you do?
  5. Being a WAFU tiff, test pilot for slumberland. Nice clicky bed shipmate.
  6. Jimmy, I don`t do ships.
  7. Have you thought about being a train driver - brill pay, brill hours and a big feck off choo choo to play with!
  8. Copenhagen old mate, try the New Zealand Air force.
  9. All depends on what you want to do

    understand the reason for staying and the reason for leaving.

    Outside it can be hard to get a job, unless you have a specialisation that someone needs. Are you looking at retraining?

    Can you make WO or come and the real dark side (officer core)

    If you do leave make sure that you get and PAY for a good Ind Fin Adviser. Pay their Fee not depend on commission

    Outside the navy is not a rosy as some people think. Also look at the RNR as you at least get some involvement as it is a shock when you walk through the gate for the last time..

    good luck :)
  10. I left the RN as a 40 year old POAEM(R). I had an ONC in telecoms & an HNC endorsement in Micro-electronics (6 week full time EVT). With your Bsc and experience you should be able to find a second career. However think outside of the box i.e. defence industry, aviation etc. Your skills will be easily transferable to most industries. I would suggest getting your 19th Edition electrical qualification. Its always good as a fallback for electrical work, perhaps it could be done as an EVT. Make sure you get your 22 years in thought so pension is payable from the day you leave.
    As a chief tiff you may find it difficult to achieve on the salary you are currently on. However look at the whole package. Many jobs include a company car and often expenses.
    Best of luck whichever option you choose.
  11. Any higher than Chief ( WAFU world) you start to become a part of the problem and not a solution (sorry for the generalisation I know a lot of good senior blokes but they cant stop it). I am in a world run by Agusta Westlands plc with another layer of management added costing £xxxx with cuts made from the "producers" so much for having LEAN rammed down my throat for 3 years( management = waste, lets have standard work for managers and get rid of them).
    Go to front line away from home comeback to Kernow for a second line job, no sorry Chief some Serco civvy is doing that, how would you like a Fleet/DLO( Serco there I think not) job further away from home. No Sorry I think I will pass on that.
  12. With a degree you could join me in the Drug Selling on £31k+ with bonuses and a company car!
  13. AndyM thats very interesting, is the car a black BMW and were do you

    keep your stash? who is Mr BIG ?and have you got a shooter
  14. I got offered 2OE 10 and took it immediately knowing that I could put my notice in as soon as it didn't 'suit me'. Maybe I was lucky at the time as I was in a cushy number as the Comms PSI at Sherwood (RNR) and getting home every night. I then had to 'suffer' a 6 month draft to Culdrose in order to get another cushy number at Whitehall (nice flat, great social life) before drafty played his trump card and gave me exactly 5 months notice for sea (to join a ship out in the Gulf). Luckily this was around March time and I was able to hang on until 2nd April to put my notice in, thereby qualifying for the following years pension/gratuity rates, getting my sea draft cancelled and finishing my time in London. :D Thought I'd miss the RN immensely but since I've got into the lucrative IT contracting business I'm earning far more than I ever did as a CRS, even including London pay and allowances, and I'm loving every minute of it.

    Life isn't always as bad on the outside as it's made out to be. If you're confident and know broadly what type of work you want to be in then go for it. Just try and hang on until 2nd April before you put in that request form :!:
  15. Cheers JJ thats the plan at the moment hoping for a big AFPRB pay rise , It won`t happen,unfortunately I see IT as the root of all evil and would happily be a Luddite.
  16. Copenhagen

    Just a few thoughts, money is not everything, but it helps. Your service pension is OK and probably as secure as you can get. If you retire now by the time you actually stop working inflation will have taken it's toll, and you can't bank on inflation staying as low as it has been for the last few years. Even if a civvy company does pay you the going rate to get you in many will slowly erode that by not giving you full pay rises because they know you have a service pension. Office politics is probably as if not more important than ability when it comes to promotion and pay rises, fact of life.

    With you experience and quals you ought to be able to make many employers happy, but will they make you happy that is the question.

    Having said all that I left many moons ago, no pension, and in general I have enjoyed it. Ihave had a lot of fun done interesting things, and despite not being good at office politics survived.

    Good luck
  17. The roots of evil are well paid £300 to £400 a day.

  18. The biggest shock, is you stroll to the front of the dinner queue, and fail to remember you are just an OD now, and you will be in no uncertain terms put in your place, the same in the Job centre

    It was hard from being the Commodore of the Fleet, to become a Junior Seaman, civies have no rank system, and to jump through hoops for some 19year-old civil servant, does hurt

    You can attain your goal but EVT's along with military quals are laughed at
    You may know you are the best IT engineer there is, but you do not have the several years civilian qualifications on paper

    You will get there in the end, but do not expect to jump in at the top
    (nepotism ?? err uncle harry and billy mrs whatsits son WILL take precedence)

    Oh and hang on in to finish the 22 or you will have to wait till you are sixty I believe to get the pensh ICBW

    Jack McH

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