should i sell?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by h4rdcor3, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. hiya all ive passed all parts of the recruiting process jus waiting for security clearance and i was just wondering is it worth keeping hold of all of my pesonal belongings, ie, tv, pc, sound system and the countless number of computer consoles i have or should i just throw it all on ebay?
    some of the stuff i own is worth quite a bit of money but i dnt no if its worth keeping due to being away from home because i no as soon as i go so will my room from my house and it will all just get thrown in the garage anyway! during phase 2 will there be room for me to have it in living accomendation?
  2. Best to travel light until you get established. Get rid of anything which can easily be replaced and hang onto those items which cannot. Apart from civvy clothing you really only need music, phone and a camera.

    It not likely that you'll have space to store too much personal gear when you're in training. I remember only having four drawers, space to hang a few suits and a suitcase. When you go to sea you won't have much more room than that. After a while you won't miss the additional baggage.

  3. right cheers for the reply silver fox, ill sell everything then n keep my fone lol (camera, music an phone in one), also should i buy a laptop? i couldnt imagine life without my pc :(
  4. I have a degree in computer science and I am about to complete a PhD in the same, but I still find that statement sad! :p
  5. But just imagine if you didn't have a PC you wouldn't be able to come onto RR and dazzle us with your witty repartee and knowledge of the RN.
    Oh, how we'd miss you. :roll:
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Keep your porn, a good porn stash is an excellent way of making new friends and being instantly popular. :downtown:
  7. in phase 2 you can pritty much have what you want in your room. ie Tv (you do need a tv licence, but this might not be enforced), all your consoles can easily be stored in you phase 2 accom.
    Also what branch are you going? If anything to do with FAA or subs then you will always have acom any way so might be worth keeping it.
  8. how is tht sad u c0ck? its got all my music onit movies, porn, games i use it 2 talk 2 my m8s! its the only thing that i own that i would miss not having! If uve got nothing constuctive to say dnt bother posting or at least be funny when your tryin 2 rip into someone or people are just gunna think ur a bellend!
  9. o yer BTW danny am goin in as AET
  10. So to speak...
  11. PC/Laptop, whatever. Just make sure you get a modern one with caps lock/shift. The one you have at the moment doesn't seem to have it. Spell check might be useful also.
  12. Keep the dictionary - looks like you might need it shippers
  13. Generally, the smiley, :p , is used to show that a post is meant in jest, not to be taken seriously. I'm sorry if I offended you.
  14. No, you were being a clever shit taking the opportunity to inform us all about your phd.
  15. No, I was setting the scene as someone who was the kind of person you would expect to "not be able to live without a computer". I couldn't give a sh1t about my PhD, and I can't wait to be done with it.
  16. Hey my cousin has one of those, shame she has to queue up in the dole orrafice with everyone else having just lost her job though eh!!
  17. Life's a bitch.
  18. Again! :roll:
  19. I have 10 computers, 'spose that qualifies for a least visiting professorship ?
    Or at least a Phd,VD& Scar ?
  20. I have mentioned it three times on this forum.

    The first time was to ask if it would positively or negatively affect my application to the Royal Navy.

    The second was in reply to another person who wanted to join the Royal Navy with a PhD and wondered what he could do.

    The third was as an introduction to this joke. (which seems to not have been funny, so yeah - I tell sh1t jokes - hands up).

    The only person who seems to have any unnecessary need to bring it up is you. Well done!

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