Should I request another medical assessment?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by snapdragon, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Well I was speaking to a patient about engineering and its future, before telling him I was joining the RN. He didn't say anything but said, "What's this?", pointing at my arm. I told him the story (Attacked by a boy with a craft knife at school) and he said, "Not self inflicted then?". Obviously said no, then he was happy to talk about the RN.

    Admittedly, in a stupid 14 year old 'this makes sense' way, iId made the attack look a bit worse by 'adding' to it, hoping that it would make me look a bit brave for putting up with it. Needn't have bothered, looked pretty bad as it was, but I was young and stupid.

    Anyway, I know what my arm's all about, but I do know what it looks like and I don't want them at Raleigh to get presumptious and chuck me out after a day. Can I request another medical before I go down? Is this a good idea or not?

    I don't know what the situation would be even if i'd had a problem (I knew someone with a self harm problem- it wasn't something that could be taken lightly, he was always needing stitches). I have a friend joining the RAF who was in a mental hospital as a young teenager (she's joining a week before I join Raleigh) and I've got a Pongo friend who cut himself a few times, but never had a problem like that other friend I had.
    So i'm guessing that, even if they presume the worse, they won't chuck me out? I don't want to risk this though, I do want it clarifying. I told my recruiting officer I'd been attacked, never told him you can still see it, never told him I'd 'added'.

    Any help appreciated!
  2. Ahh the remark of one person is the reason you want to put yourself through another medical assessment?? I have 4 distinct scars, the last was from abdominal surgery which resembles a railway track from my sternum to naval. Did you consider just telling the medical powers at Raleigh the truth???
  3. I have a big scar on my abdomen too- but chances are they won't rifle through my pubes and it doesn't look self inflicted!

    Its not just one person- a few people have said similar things.

    Of course I'll tell them at Raleigh what happened- but what really scares me is that I once saw a doctor because I was feeling 'down'. Asked if i'd ever hurt myself- well, like I said above, yes. Turned out I was just reacting badly to the hormones I'd been put on to make my ovarian cyst stop growing and I wasn't really getting depressed. But if they see my records and it says depression and self harm, I have no chance, do I? That really scares me because I've worked so hard for this!

    I don't know whether to keep my gob shut or just reveal it.
  4. I understand that you would be scared of all your hard work being undone in a heartbeat because of this. I'm sorry, but maybe you could have started by not posting this subject in the first place, and talking with your GP?? Once upon a time most occupational health issues revolved around musclo-skeletal cases. Now, about half is psychological/stress related. I think your best bet is to honest to the circumstances surrounding your scar and depression SD. If you want it, you'll do it-just don't compromise yourself.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Hang on a sec Snaps, You've been excepted and have been given a joinig date..Yes....if so whats the drama?
  6. If that's true Blobs then SD stop drinking about now, and wasting peoples time???
  7. ...and stop shaking her lady willy ???????????
  8. I think it needs a second opinion on that one.I shall send you my details so we can arrange the appointment. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. sorry to hijack the thread but what is involved in the medical at Raleigh?
    is it just the same as the medical I had as part of the application process?,
    when I had my medical I mentioned to the doc that I had *mild* excema (the odd dry patch of itchy skin - not masses of oozing sores) that requires *occasional* treatment (i.e a tube of cream from the doctors every 2-3 months) , the doctor looked at my skin and said that itwould be fine..

    im getting worried now that a doctor at Raleigh is going to have a different opinion and send me packing...
  10. I wouldnt worry too much mate.The Raleigh medical isnt too much different from the joining one .Mild ezcema shouldnt bar you form service.In fact a spell out in the gulf might even help it.Just be up front and dont conceal anything.
  11. One scar that's seven years old isn't going to have you highlighted as a self harm candidate.

    OTOH if you had any evidence of prolonged self harm that would be a different issue.

    The point is to get you through the training, not find a reason to bin you.
  12. You smoothie Andy... :D xx
  13. Why can't I post about a recruitment worry?

    I wasn't depressed, if I'd have been depressed then that would have been different, I'd have known I was ineligible to join from the start. I am just concerned that, because the doctor had presumed I was depressed instead of suffering side effects from tablets, the medical people at Raleigh will presume the same. And added the the arm thing? Well, I don't want people to jump to conclusions, because I know what it looks like, patients and colleagues ask nearly all the time. That last patient really scared me though, because we were talking about the forces.

    Like you say, I worked hard and I don't want to disappoint my family (or myself!) by having to come back.
  14. Thanks. It's actually several (well, quite a few...), the boy slashed me loads of times, not just once. I just took it, never pulled away and never shouted or cried or anything. Now? He would have two broken legs.
    But yes, I did do it myself a few times when it was healing because I thought it'd make it look worse (better?). I never really considered it to be self harm or anything (even less so since I met my friend who had a real problem with it).
    So no, no 'prolonged' instances (it was bad enough when I was attacked :( ). It looks horrible even now.
  15. Because I don't want to get down to Raleigh all excited and my parents saying they're proud after I've left my job and spent a month doing nothing but training hard only to be sent packing after a day in Torpoint!

    Whose time am I wasting?
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Snaps, That is very unlikely to happen mate....have a beer, de-stress and look forward to joining up, I'm sure the lovely people at Raliegh will give you enough to worry about. Good Luck.
  17. You are full of it SnapDragon so please don't bring your parents into it?? You have been given sound advice on this thread? Unfortunately you just keep wanting to tell us all of you psychological history?? As I said originally, go and see your GP and suck it up buttercup!
  18. Self harm...bad thing!!
    I got 7 day's 9's for having a tattoo when only one month into my naval career. They called it "self inflicted wound". FFS it was only on my arm and didn't stop me "doing my duty"!!! As it was 45 years ago, do you think I could request another medical assessment??? :lol: :lol: :wink: :wink:
  19. Stripey G I would! Go for it!!!! A medical assessment and then you could tell Doc you have 'turney-flu' and I'm sure you will be looked at immediately :)
  20. Lol Pinta!!! :D

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