Should I Phone AFCO?

Well as most of you know I'm playing the waiting game for the Army to approve of me being able to apply for the Navy.

It's been nearly 2 weeks now and I haven't heard nothing... even though I'm supposed to wait, should I phone AFCO just to show I'm still very interested?

What do you guys think? - I await your response as your advice is always spot on and very helpful! :grin:


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Nah, not now - they're shut! And not tomorrow, 'cos it's Thursday and they'll be packing their weekend grip. Then Friday they'll be gone by 12pm... if you play golf you might be lucky and catch them on the green. Unless you can find the nearest pub to the Careers Office and intercept them there (with an offer of a round of drinks...)! :wink:


Though im new to the whole thing as well at the moment (just pass the interview medical 9th) i would of thought that it wouldnt hurt to ring them, and besides it will just show them that your definatly serious about it. Thats just me though. :???:
lol @ Sgtpepperband!!!

Cheers Wilson, I like your way of thinking. I'll phone them Monday. I'll also explain that I have been swayed into wanting to go in the Submarines.

I don't care whether S & T or V-Class now... I just want to be in there!!!

Let's have it!!! :twisted: