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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by -D32-, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Just about to go on LET course and I am thinking about a life underwater instead of on top.
    I've fancied this for a while and my wife wants to know what she gets out of it.
    Can someone tell me what difference i should expect as a LET both when I'm alongside and at sea. (thats in cash terms)

    If there are any LET submariners out there, show off and tell me how much you got this month at the top of your line.

  2. What the flying f**k is a LET?
    Is it a flat to rent?
    A bird on the game?
  3. and i thought this site was full of people who know whats happening in this modern navy.
  4. Nope. It's full of people who know what SHOULD BE happening.
    You never mentioned what the f**k a LET is
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  5. Apparently an LET is a Leading Engineering Technician.
    However, I fail to understand how someone claiming to be going on the course to be a Leading Hand doesn't know how to find out for himself what a submariner earns by just looking it up in the 2008 pay award.

    Something just doesn't ring true here, LET isn't a trade, just as L/H was never a trade, just a rate.

    LET What ??
  6. is this a bite?
    Maybe i should of said LET (ME)
  7. i could go and look on the 2008 pay review, but i know that what it says i should be earning and what i actualy get are never the same.
    Also it says submarine service earn an extra £5 a day, which if thats all the difference then i dont see how an extra £150 a month pays for all those flash cars.
  8. Then I suggest that you pop into your UPO and get them to check your pay account.
    I get what the Pay Award says that I should be getting.
    If I want to know what someone else is getting paid, I look it up. Easy.
  9. Ah not always as easy as that.
    Not everyone has a upo, ships office or access to the intranet at their place of work.
  10. Actually it IS as easy as that.
    Everyone comes under a UPO, and under JPA, everyone has to have access to it, at least in the UK.
  11. the key words were "at their place of work"
  12. Yawn.
    If its too difficult for you, which, considering that dubious "fact" about you going on LET course in the near future, (Which if true, is a sad reflection on my branch), why not wait until you get to Sultan then.
    That way you can ask someone else and use the same excuses about not being able to check/trust/believe jpa (delete as required) and get them to look it up for you.

    Killick Stoker my arse :roll:
  13. FFS L/H bollocks I looked it up in two min flat, mind you i used JPA and looked at my pay stat. You are givving L/H's a bad name you muppet.
  14. Never mind, simple question..... simple answer.
    I shall wait untill i have access to the "intranet & JPA" then have a look.
    As for the previous two repies i would like to state that I said i was about to go on course.
    It seems that some people have problems reading and understanding what is written.

    Lamri: "Killick stoker my arse"...... not yet.
    BoxKickerSubs: "L/H's a bad name"........ not yet.
  15. I've heard of a LET being an engine before like C20LET

    As for the extra £150 a month paying for those flash cars. Well they don't spend hardly on submarines.

    So on top of their wages and hardly spending it's a simple case of building up a nice bank balance.

    I've never known the pay to be different to what's stated myself. If you have no way of speaking to a writer at the UPO or a ship's office on board where the bloody hell are you???

    Could you not ring up the UPO used to when I was in. They used to be able to answer phones up until I left in 2003

    Maybe that's just me though
  16. Because my submarine pay is somewhat more than £150 a month.

  17. One of my worst fears is the saving money while one is away.
    i have a wife who will spend it for me while I'm away (no sports car for me).
    Because I'm an AB i thought part of the training to be a Leading Hand was to get others to do simple little jobs for you lol.
    Just starting to get into the role.
  18. You've got a lot to learn.

  19. I concurr with X4nd

    How long have you served D32?
  20. 5 years and the Leading Hand I work with is just a dictaphone.
    Get given a task, tell the AB's to do the task.
    God i sound so negative, i love this job and i know whats involved as you move up the ranks.
    I just get informed about how much submariners get and by looking at 2008 pay review i cant see where it all comes from.
    I admit i am taking the lazy route by asking on this forum.

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