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Should I join the Reserves or Regular?


I am looking for a little bit of advice or pointed in the right direction. I have enquired to join the Royal Navy Reserves and I have a online interview on Thursday. I am trying to look at what roles would suit my qualifications and I have now started looking more at full time regular roles.

My only issue is I am 32 and live in Scotland. When I done school exams, they were the old standard grades. Systems have changed and all the qualifications on the Royal Navy website are asking about GCSE's and A-levels which are like Egyptian hyloglyphics. I am time served with a SVQ level 3 Mechanical Engineering Services HVAC and currently work offshore as a mechanical technician.

In all honesty, finances have always been my stumbling block about joining the navy because as soon as I was 18 years old I was already earning nearly 30K. Now I know I would have to take a large drop in wages, but would like to know what sort of roles I'm suited to see what kind of financial loss I would be looking at.

Any help is appreciated.


War Hero

I'm wondering whether your Engineering qualifications and experience would allow you to be considered for this role: It's a decision which would be made by the specialist recruiter for the role.

Direct Entry Petty Officer Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering)

Everyone looks to the Marine Engineering Technicians to keep the ship moving and habitable. Without you, vital maritime operations wouldn’t happen. Use your existing expertise to make technical decisions about complex engineering problems quickly and logically, leading a team of engineering technicians. If you have supervisory experience maintaining and diagnosing faults with electrical/mechanical systems, this is your chance to take your career to the next level – with extensive opportunities.

  • Age: 17 - 39
  • Education: A-level and/or BTEC
  • Salary: £36,800 Your minimum salary from day one
  • Holiday: 6 weeks of paid holiday every year
  • Progression: £48,000 Earn over this amount as you progress
  • Benefits: Travel all around the world


Thank you Soleil. This is the role I have been looking at but as I am in Scotland and used the older version of standard grades rather than GCSE'S I'm finding it hard to understand if I have the school qualifications. Obviously the role I am in at the moment as a offshore Mechanical Technician is beneficial in a lot of engineering roles and my trade certificate also, but does the RN take into account the experience you have gained since leaving school. It was 16 years ago I left school. I dont even need my school exam qualifications on my CV when looking for regular jobs now due to my experience from my working life.

Old Version Standard grade results (2004) if anybody can work out the equivalent.
Mathematics -Int 1 C
English - 2
Graphic communication - 2
Physical Education - 2
Physics - 3
Tech Studies - 3
French - 3
Geography - 4 (this one pains me as I got a 2 in the preliminary exams )


War Hero

I've asked someone with more expertise on the Engineering side to have a look at your question, but, in the meantime, I wondered whether you could say more about what the SVQ level 3 Mechanical Engineering Services HVAC is, please.

I note that you are working offshore as a mechanical technician - can you say what this means on a day to day basis, please? It's so that the person I have asked to have a look can have a better grasp of your engineering abilities.



My apprenticeship was a multi-skilled role which involved fault finding, Service and Maintenance of Buildings mechanical and electrical systems. I am also qualified to 17th Edition electrical. Mainly looking after Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditiong, Electrical and Gas systems (fully qualified gas engineer).

As offshore mechanical technician it is my job to take care of absolutely anything Mechanical on a oil rig the requires service, repair or replacement. Which can range from Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Motors, Valves, Pressurised systems, Pipework, Rigging, Filter change out, fault diagnosis. Even elevator repairs on the last Rig I was on . I am never based on the same rig repeatedly. We move around all the rigs wherever the demand for work is. When I am not offshore I am based in my companies workshop who deal in precision engineering to supply the energy sector. I have had the benefit of working on projects such as the salvage of the Costa Concordia cruise ship in Italy, working in Nigeria and also in the Pyarnees mountain range installing a solar energy generator designed by my company.

Thank you for your assistance.
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