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Should I join the Corps?


Hi, just wanted some advice from serving bootnecks or retired lads as well. I'm thinking of branch transfering to the RM (I'm currently a helo engineer with commando helicopter force RN , but i'm threaders with it!). I'm looking into the soldiering side of things, but all my bootneck mates are telling me to join the Paras! 5 of them have got their notices in due to the fact that they don't get a chance to be an actual 'Soldier'. They reckon as soon as i've passed out, i'll be pinged for Chef, VM, Clerk etc etc.
It's sad when Marines are telling potential recruits to join the Paras, but all the royals i know are sick of their job. Your views? (I've even looked into the RAF Reg!!!!!!! I know , I know... stand by for abuse! But they seemed pretty busy when i was out in Basrah with them!)

Ps. Another question- i'm 24. Am i too old to be considering joining up with all the young lads?
Why don't you go outside and earn some real money? Loads of work fortechnical people these days and good pay and conditions. Just a thought...


The ping system the corps got running is shit, alot of lads are getting pinged for the crap specialisations but if you take control of your career you can avoid crap drafts. Get you're chit in for anti tanks or mortars and you've got much better chances of staying in brigade and avoiding crap drafts, plus they're still on the front line of soldiering .

I've only been out of training 6 months and i'm planning on getting my chit in for morters.
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