Should Faye Turney return to fight in the Gulf?

Should Faye Turney return to fight in the Gulf?

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Taken from another forum............... so what do you all think??

yes or no??
these were two of the posts on the forum i "borrowed" this from........

Brave? oh yeah, im sure she's REALLY putting herself in the line of fire a few miles out to sea.

Quite frankly i'm sick and tired of hearing about her, sick and tired of this paper trying to make this some great patriotic feel-good story when most people both on this board and in the public at large feel nothing but disgust and shame at the actions of these personel and this goverments handling of the crisis.

You're told to not antagonize your captors when captured, that does NOT mean you start allowing yourself as a propaganda tool against your country.

If these were Americans, i suspect they'd already have been discharged at least. But then again, it would have have happened in the first place.

I can only imagine the Commander of the Cornwall is being strong armed as i certainly wouldn't want her back on my ship and i imagine the reception will be considerably frosty. The used to throw Jonahs overboard y'know
Faye Turney has turned down a posting on land because she wants to return to active duty with HMS Cornwall ASAP.
I know she's come in for a lot of criticism, but considering what she went through I think this shows a considerable degree of bravery.


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Of course she should - its her job. Will she? ah - thats another question entirely.

and by the way...wish I was a bottle of JD.....


Brazen hussey I agree with you it is all a little boring now. However the only way to get passed this boredem is to take the [email protected] Surely the term
''fight'' is a little too much.What fight are you on about? The fight for the galley? the fight for the Naafi?.Ok she will get a hard time now but hopefully for her it will all blow over. The thing is the SUN grabbing this and turning it into the forces favorite is a load of balls. The SUN dont give a flying feck about Faye or anyone else in the forces. They just want to sell papers.
Of course she should go back.
Just imagine the craic the boys will have........

"Give me a sub, Topsy!"

Mind you, I don't imagine she'll be too happy.


Course she should go back ' back to the Arctic and see if a Jap whaling fleet can harpoon the beast.


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Anyone asked the ships crew if they want her back after this weeks antics???? Not that they'll have much say in the matter.
I think she should go back out to the gulf as soon as possible.
As she's such a brave tough fighter, maybe she could don dessert cams and help out the Army, for about 16 years?


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Of course she should go back to Cornwall…

I'm sure the crew will be delighted to hear her tales of derring do battling with all those Journos at Point Blank Cheque


Lamri .We dont want her mate.She would be an aiming mark for any passing mortar team. Its bad enough having Prince Harry about to deploy.Never mind ''If its Faye, we paye''


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If she goes back and drives the boat again perhaps this time she could end up somewhere better for her holiday.
Dubai is nice this time of year and with all the cash could have a good spend up.

:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:


Of course she should go to's just over the bridge, somewhere near Redruth would be about right.

So she needs to be either in Iraq or Afghanistan propping up morale, with short skirts/hot pants etc (oh god that just too far).


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Officially yes they should return, they are trained to do a job, the ship is running under strength OR they have seconded crew from elsewhere to cover for them.

Unofficially, will any of those who sold their stories be welcomed back with open arms ?

They should return to duty but maybe a different ship ?
If claims of stress or PTSD start coming out then a shore posting shouold be offered and if refused then medical discharge on the grounds of unfit for duty BUT no compo as RN has made all attempts to accomodate them


Initially, I was fully in defence of their actions, I still am. However, the selling of the stories was wrong. Not only that, it's cast a dark shadow over the 13 that didn't. Yes the story should have been told, to show what a bunch of ba5tards the Iranians were, but never sold for personnal gain. We have a media branch, so why weren't they used properly?
Yes, she should go back, that's what she's paid for! However, her reception may not be very welcome.

Please remember in your posts, there is two different subjects of interest here.

1) Their actions. Excellent, leave it to the polititions, that's how things work these days!

2) Selling their stories. Poor, but don't let it leave a poor reputation on the 13 who didn't!

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