Should Cadets be part of the Reserves?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by PartTimer, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. With the RNR (and is assume the RMR) now falling under CINCFLEET and becoming an operational capability rather than a training organisation, should the cadets and reserves still be part of the same organisation at the MoD level?

    Hear me out - the CCF, SCC, Sea Scouts are great for recruitment, and at very little cost to the RN, but should they really be lumped with the reserves? Wouldn't they sit better with recruitment?

    Just a thought.
  2. While I agree that Cadet Officers and S/R's do a great job, they have no call up liability (as far as I am aware) therefore should not be part of the reserves (URNU also)
  3. I like the idea of closer links between the URNU/CCF/SCC but I don't think this will be handicapped by the flag they reside. I think training is their natural home, but does recruiting have more disposable?
  4. Maybe when the R goes cadet officers can go striaght with a C in the curl. Sorry wrong thread!
    Any way, years ago there was a scheme under which CCF cadets could be in the RNR as well. Not quite sure how it worked as it was before my time. I heard all about it from a pusser who had been in the CCF at Clifton and attended Flying Fox. Aparently it all came to an end when a member of 10 staff saw him and a pal on board the tender for a Granada week-end. Now we don't do that sort of thing any more perhaps this sort of scheme could be resurected.
  5. duty rumour is the RM want to take over the SCC MCD and rename them the Royal Marine Cadet Force - would mean better funding for the cadets, this is set to be watched closely by the RN and if it works theres talk of the Sea Cadets being took over by the RN and called Royal Navy Cadets....
    as it stands now SCC Senior rates are "honoury" RNR rates and officers are Full RNR thier addressed as Lt (SCC) A N Other RNR to give them thier full title.

    problem is the corps is half full of ex forces people who want whats best for the cadets and the other half is filled with "by the book" "never served" "tree huggers" who want to satisfy thier own power trips and dont want to release a hold on what they have.

  6. Chaps and Fe-Chaps,

    the CCF for some bl**dy stupid reason during the '80's were the 5th line of defense against the Big Red Threat invading. Now I went to a navy school near Ipswich where we had to join the CCF in our 4th year. then to be told we would be stopping the mad Cossaks didnt really make you think "...Gee, I should have done it and join up..." more like you thought - "...yeah right ole tosser..."

    So should they be a part of the current frontline forces or a part of training - no brainer - its the latter. Ask yourself this, ever thought how the Hitler Youth appeared to seasoned troops in 1945? Boys with guns. Lets keep 'em where they should be
  7. Perhaps this belongs in the Urban Myths thread. The cadet forces are a youth training organisation, affiliated to the armed forces. Whatever administrative arrangements are used to give the adult instructors some official colour does not constitute in any way an operational role for this youth training organisation. This is a simple fact, and is not in any way an attempt to denigrate the excellent work carried out by all the volunteers involved in these organisations.
    Apparently 50% of currently serving SRs where once members of a cadet organisation.
  8. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I'm happy to say that I'm in the 50% of SR's that have never been in the cadets.... I'm sure they do a good job and all that but having experienced some of the fcukers and their attitudes to everything, I do not want them in my part of ship. Yes, I know there is bad eggs in all walks of life but having seen Sea Cadet Instructors (the ones who have never been in the forces...) marching with no epaulettes and no headgear on a naval establishment angers me. Especially when Sea Cadet instructors salute me. I'm a Senior Rate FFS!!!
  9. Probably not. They could be classed as an Auxiliary service like the old RNXS: we had a callout liability though and most were ex-Andrew (much more preferable than the RNR: officers didn't need to earn more than the ratings serving under them and it had submarine informality), but they had the advantage that they mixed long before the regulars were permitted to have wimmen onboard. The only thing that used to bother me was that us Comms ratings often had better chartwork skills than RNR Seamen Officers who occasionally trained alongside us! :roll: Perhaps they should have done some basic Seamanship training at HMS Ganges :)
  10. Being involved with cadets now, after 20 years in the RNXS and RNR, I can see where you are coming from, but I don't agree with what you are saying. Yes, I've seen SCC S/Rs in the Mess at Excellent (as was!) looking out of place, but its not their decision that adult instructors start as POs. It clearly says SCC on their epaulettes, and if they are wandering about without them, and even saluting S/Rs, then that is a fault in their training - which is an RN responsibility.
    The various cadet organisations are a real bonus for recruiting, give the cadets great opportunities and these days are often the only exposure whole families get to the Armed Forces. There are three generations out there with no knowledge or experience of the Services and this does not bode well for our future support from the public when politicians feel like cutting costs - again!
    Equally, although many ex cadets may not join the Regulars or Reserves, at least they will have a positive attitude to them. This cannot be achieved if people follow what matelot is suggesting and have nothing to do with them.
  11. Tell that to the troops who faced 12th SS Panzer Division in Normandy!

    12th SS Panzer = the Hitler Jugend SS Division

    Also, the total membership of the Hitler Youth was just under 8 million!!!!!
  12. !"th ss panzer (hitler youth) were hard as nails , and a complete bunch of nutters . However that was 60 years ago and the jerries were desperate . SCC part of the reserve , not a chance , stick to bosun dinghys and pulling
    (boats) .By all means train possible service recruits for the future ,
  13. Since the standup of COMMARRES in January. The SCC/CCF are no longer part of the Maritime Reserves. They still come under the FOTR organisation. If you have a look at the new structure for COMMARRES you will notice there is no longer a Youth section.
  14. Well some of the Hitler Youth did pretty well for themselves after the War if Pope Benedict is anything to go by!
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