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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by finknottle, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. Tonight: Channel 5 2100 Warship HMS Bulwark.
  2. I watched the program last night fink,it didn't seem as good as the last one but it is early days yet.
  3. I can fully understand Royals need to take on a few calories but it did seem that Jenny had been doing the same, sadly without burning it off, they should take a leaf out of the Old Mans book what a fine figure of a man he is and no mistake. :)

    It also good to see that one thing has not changed, if there is a camera about Clubs will surely find it.
  4. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Tell me something, finknottle. What is the percentage of RNFT failure of male and female ratings and officers under 30 years of age? It will surprise you. It may also surprise you to find that a worrying percentage of 'fitties' kinda lost the bubble when proceding across East Falkland in 1982. Generally those with 'a bit of spare' fared better in the harsh conditions. Not advocating obesity at all, and the NAAFI troffers know who they are (and generally are the ones doing remedial) but your assessments are somewhat 'channelled'. Size is no guarantee of strength or ability.

  5. I'm surprised he didn't lean over the arse end and point out which way it was to the beach. Did you notice during the PT sesh a couple of lads bronzying? I bet they were WAFUs. :wink:
  6. Must be so!!!! nothing to do, but bronzy bronzy. What with no paraffin pidgeons embarked :lol:
  7. I wouldn't have thought that Woos would let anything as insignificant as the absence of wokka wokkas get in the way of catching the rays. :D

    "Excuse me Chief, can I deploy on Bulwark?"
    "But we're not sending any cabs!"
    "A minor detail Chiefy, it's going to be hot and sunny where they're going. Think of all that time on a clicky bed."
    "Good point, well made. Off you go lad." :thumbright:
  8. I have no idea what the percentages are but I will ask say why it is that the supreme athlete IMO the marathon runner is usually built like the proverbial racing snake?
  9. I'm actually in agreement with levers on this one although i have/had the frame of triathlete in my prime due to the nature of the phys i was doing. In my experience the guys who have a few pound on them but do regular phys DO seem to fare better on large yomps or in cold environments for obvious reasons.

    It might also surprise you that some Special Forces types have a bit of a gut on them as alot of it is of course a mind game not a beauty contest!!!
  10. I take your point that a little blubber can be beneficial in certain climatic conditions.
  11. I can't remember the exact amount but Ran Fiennes deliberately stacked on the weight before his solo attempt on the pole. He still lost stacks of weight and was emaciated on his return!!!
  12. Well I watched it again last night and I wish I hadn't. 'Sailors' dancing with each other in Singers when a bevy of oriental beauties were adorning the nightclub the mind truly boggles; it was like a recruiting drive for gays. Ye gods I am glad I served when I did.
  13. Most of the SF types that I met who were carrying a bit round the middle, were PSIs with either 2-1 or 2-3, taking a well earned rest between bouts of shhhhh stuff! :)
    Just catching up on missing pub time! :lol:

  14. So are we. :wink:
  15. There's space for a bigot on every messdeck, well there used to be. :)
  16. Have to agree, the senior service is a bit of a joke these days
  17. Pleased as punch about the extra ballast issue though - since I am drawing rather more than I should be ... but it puts me in mind of a female 2 ringer at BRNC a few years ago (must have been about 2002) who was a bit rotund but "fit as a butcher's whippet" when it came to running over the moors and bits of hills and stuff.

    Did nothing for me on the romantic side but she was a living example of how you can be fit and overweight at the same time.
  18. Stand by for incoming, :D :happy1:
  19. No worries my Wanchai Burberry is in close proximity. :)

    It's on again tonight I cannae wait, CH5 2100 :thumbleft:

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