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Should be worth a shufti tonight


C4 2100 tonight 'Skint' watched the trailer, it shows the lives of the folks on an estate in Scunthorpe and will show how some of your hard earned taxes are spent.


Lantern Swinger
C4 2100 tonight 'Skint' watched the trailer, it shows the lives of the folks on an estate in Scunthorpe and will show how some of your hard earned taxes are spent.

Hmmm think i might save my pop corn this time...

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War Hero
I lasted slightly longer (fnar fnar!) but had to stop when I was shouting too loudly at the telly and felt my pulse pounding in my ears.

I agree with Froggy!

What about an RR/ARRSE exped with helves, hammers and anything else heavy.........?


War Hero
Having 'worked' that patch when I was on the road, Scunthorpe, like it's neighbour, Grimsby, was best viewed through the rear view mirror...............classic graffiti from the 60's...........'If Typhoo put the 'T' in Britain....who put the cunt in for Grimsby......the clue is in the first four letters.

Every day I thank the good Lord that I now live in Hampshire. :angel9:


Being skint doesnt make you a scroat, being a scroat makes you skint.

Crap! A poor effort by English TV to compete with this.


Seriously though I think we can all consider ourselves fortunate that we don't have to live in a shithole like that, I sympathise with any decent people who have no other choice.

Those poor weans, I don't hold out much hope for their futures.
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Oh, the joys of the British welfare state...........why can't we live in a clean, organised society where everyone is happy...healthy...and well fed.



War Hero
News at 10 or Skint? Oh go on then, I watched the news at 6, so let's have another gander at Skint..............

Blood pressure sky high, shouting at TV, throwing things at TV............ Let's watch the end of the news, huh?

As someone has as a sig block - some people are only alive because it's illegal to kill them!
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