Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. I was thinking about this the other day as I played Gears of War 2. The best weapon for close range combat is (apart from the chainsaw bayonet) a shotgun.

    So how come when in a jungle environment we use rifles with iron sights still? Surely a shotgun would be better in this environment. If the taliban jump out of the trees and are just 2 meters in front of you it would be much easier to take them out with a shotgun blast than a it would an SA80. Also due to the spread, it could be possible to kill or maim two enemy soldiers standing very close together with just one shell.
  2. Another cracking thread from Freda!

    Unfortunately there is a few flaws in your bite this time. You got the Taliban mixed up in Jungle Warfare lol The Royals don't use iron sights on their SA80's as far as I'm aware.

    Unfortunately you also know little about the shotgun and the SA80 otherwise you wouldn't evne ask this lame bite lol

    Being an owner of 3 shotguns I'd still own an SA80 for modern warfare lol

    Good effort but neeed to try harder lol Gears of War 2 I give is an awesome game love it
  3. Unless things have changed Iron sights are used in Arctic and Jungle environments. Arctic because the SUSAT was prone to misting up and Jungle due to there being no real need to have one fitted due to contacts at very close proximity. Shotguns used to be used by the point man for snap shooting but this too has probably now become obsolete due to a need to get a large rate of fire down on the enemy quickly!!

    Just a thought Tommo :thumright:
  4. I agree I don't know about shotguns or SA80s because I'm a civvie about to start training. However, from my extensive experience playing computer games. It's always the shotgun that is best use for up close stuff. If some one came running into my room with a katana now, and i had the choice to grab an SA80 or a shotgun, i'd lunge for the shotgun, turn round and BLAM click click BlAM ... take them apart.

    Also, the taliban may possibly be be in the jungles too one day. I hear there are junglers and muslims in Africa. So you do the math!
  5. Fair enough. I've never seen a Marine use Iron Sights ever lol But the use of shotgun even with Magnum buck shot is only really effective under about 40 yards if that. It would piss the other person off over a greater distance than that compared to an SA80 in single shot or automatic lol With or without iron sights

    I do the Math and numbers don't come into it lol

    What other games do you like to compare the art of real warfare to?? lol
  6. Farcry 2 is pretty realistic. Also Army of 2 is extremely realistic due to the agro system. I'm not to keen on Call of Duty to be honest.
  7. And what do you compare these games to Freda being they're realistic?? lol

    Halo 3 not on your list. The Gravity Hammer may be better than a shotgun don't you think lol
  8. lol gravity hammers aren't real mate.
  9. Neither are the games you play lol
  10. You aren't biting with this numpty are you tommo???
  11. Nah I'm joining in with the gun and games. lol

    I personally think the plasma grenades should be used lol
  12. Its what you games numpties do with your spare hand that worries me :thumright:
  13. I know you're joking Tommo, but I often wonder if there is any way to make a real life chainsaw bayonet. could be iunvaluable for cloearing paths and generally f'ucking up the enemy.
  14. Lol you love it really!

    And Freda the Torque Bow would be far better no?? lol
  15. Yeah i like a hand shandy, but only off women not hairy arsed games knobbers!! :thumright: :thumright:
  16. Aye me too :thumright: I even get them whilst playing games also :thumright:
  17. Ex Rubber Dagger. U wanna play some games over the internet with me? You got Quake wars?
  18. NO
  19. Go fella play with him. It may keep him off here lol
  20. I bet nails will use the 'nail gun' in Quake Wars. ;-)

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