Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. I have just returned from 12 days in Scotland/England. It was bloody freezing! We landed in snow at Glasgow and the last 4 days down south there were flurries of snow all the time. Which leads me to my question......

    WTF is going on with all these knob-heads wearing shorts? I live in Spain and it was 16 or 17 degrees today, but I'm still in 'long trousers' ffs. So are the tourists. But in Glasgow (Braehell to be precise, say no more) every day there were numpties wearing shorts...... in horizontal sleet! WHY?

    Is this a fashion statement, a nails statement or has the recession bitten so deeply they have had to resort to their old 'summer' clothes?

    Sent from my steam driven 'puter with gloved fingers, under a 13.5 tog duvet.
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  2. It's got to be an attempt at a nails statement. Looking at them and laughing usually gets the point across - once you have done your risk assessment first of course, well, you've got to be sure that you can run faster than them ..
  3. In Glasgow we tend to wear shorts in all good weathers, including blizzards. It's a little change from the rain, you should of landed here in the Summer, the skirt practically wear nothing, Sun is rare in Scotland, that's why were all Milk Jug white
  4. Not blue then? I thought a suntan for you was white.

  5. I know all this - I'm Scottish.

    Re milk jug white, you need to check out almost every female between the ages of 16 and 30 in Buchanan St and Argyll St - bright orange faces. Just the faces, not the neck or hairline or the hands. Weird or what! And in Clydebank and Scotstoun (and other areas) every shop that isn't a newsagent or offy is a tanning salon!
  6. I think birds from the east end put their slap on with a trowel
  7. Most likely, now back in your room.
  8. *Crickets*
  9. Was out for a walk along Stokes Bay with Lord Voldemum a few days ago. It was proper Baltic and there he was, Mr Nails, in his shorts striding along. Unfortunately he'd not taken his Man pill for breakfast and the rest of his outfit consisted of a mahoosive thick coat, big furry hat and gloves. He looked like a complete [email protected] - Bloody Gosport Nails Walt.
  10. You make a good observation and I can't understand it either. The girlfriend objects when I wear my S'African/Rhodie pattern nutcrackers in the Summer but she doesn't mind their Winter stand down at all.

    These are the buggers who amaze me;

    Even when there was 10 inches of snow on the deck, my usual Post wallah rocked up in shorts and still does at barely +1 C in wind. I think it's because they can and tad of rebellion against t' Management.

    Do any of you Pompey lads remember Chester the PSTO(N) Storewright? A superbly fast and accurate craftsman but wore rather grubby KD shorts the year round. His entire worldly belongings were lashed to his bike and he slept rough somewhere by Portdown Hill. His Foreman credited him with rarely ever having a day off sick.
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  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I've worn short everyday since October, what's the biggy?
  12. Upside down countries do not comply.

    Please contribute again in July.
  13. I heard some numpty being interviewed about this on the radio and he claimed that he wore shorts year round because when it rained and you got your trousers wet it took ages to get dry again whereas if you're bare-legged being wet was only a minor inconvenience.
  14. Concur. Gloves are completely gay anyhow unless when really icers (Sir Ranulph!), but you see these sprogs with their top halves covered in gloves, scarves, stupid fucking wooly hats - and their horrible spotty heads for that matter, but still wearing shorts.

    Fair makes me come over all Daily Mail it does.
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  15. Ah, but I find that a valid reason during the right season. I expose my pins to the world when warm which is not a pretty sight, but not my problem. Rain, in the warm season (you know, the one we used to have) doesn't alter my sartorial desires for the very same reason - my legs will dry far more quickly than clothing and it's worth wet legs for a few moments between pubs rather than sweaty nads all day.
  16. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Which is why I often drive in shorts in winter, sweaty nads are unbearable.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Yep, wear them in July (at work), we get alot of blue skies here in winter, chilly morning starts and lots of frosts but sitting in a cab with all the glass and engine heat it gets quite warm, There's a 6 week period in the middle of winter when I'll start the day with long trousers (Joggers or overalls) on over the shorts but come sunrise I normally strip down to shorts, the sun down here whatever the season has heat in it as long as you're out of the wind.
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There goes me breakfast!
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  19. Cannot see the issue, I wore shorts all year round not to be nails or anything else, I just did not feel the cold, my 2 sons are the same, but now days as my knees a cream cracked I where long trollies outside to keep my knees from the cold, I still wear shorts indoors as my legs get too hot. I do have one pair of long shorts that come down past my knees so they are ok.
    When growing up in Derby school boys wore shorts all year round until the last year of primary school where we could wear long trousers to prepare for senior school?
    Any way I thought the traditional dress of Scotland was the kilt, surely that bares the knees? SB may be living in Spain has made you soft?:thebirdman:
  20. Ha ha!! Nope, still wear my kilt! But there are long wool socks that come up to just below the knee, so only the knees are exposed, plus a bit of thigh when I sit down, .....wink!

    I too had to wear shorts until first year at secondary school - we was nailz then! But I hated my parents for making me wear them.

    But my observation was some chav (ned in Scotland) wrapped up to the nines on top - Puffa jacket, wooly hat, scarf, mitts/gloves and then little white skinny (and goose pimpled!) legs sticking out of shorts when it was freezin and horizontal sleet - and he had a choice!

    But the REAL problem was they were all wearing socks with trainers too! The only folk that wear socks with shorts are the RN!

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