An oldie, but goody
A white horse walks into a bar. Barman says "I've got a whisky named after you"
Horse replies - what - Eric?

That is all ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


War Hero
Tracey and Lacey were discussing their latest sexual exploits after a night out on the lash.
"Ere Trace!" said Lace.
"What?" said Trace.
"I tried a new sex position last night. It's called the buckin' f*ckin' bronco!"
"Ow do yer do that one then?" said Trace.
"Easy!" said Lace. "You just get the bloke to lay on his back, lower yourself on to his
dick and tell 'im you've got syphilis...... then see how long you can stay on!"

"Har Har harrrr!"


War Hero
Bloke walks into a lady doctors surgery and flops his cock out.
'Whats wrong with that?' she asks.
He replies, 'Nothing, but ain't it a beauty!'