Short Waiting Times

I'm 32 and I'd like to join as an Aircraft Handler, however, I had laser eye surgery 4 weeks ago as i failed my eyesight test so that means I can't re-apply for 11 months. I've been reading on here that there could be a 24 month wait for this trade so that could mean a 35 month wait to gain entry and by then i'd be 35. I wonder if anybody could tell me if they know of any trades that have short waiting lists, I know this is not ideal but i'd like to join ASAP?

Your help would be appreciated..........THANKS!!


War Hero
Chef. For now. It changes quite a lot though, best to ask your afco nearer the time maybe? At the moment wait times seem to be changing all the time so who knows in a year. Hope the peepers are healing nicely :)


War Hero
As R3 states, Chef is certainly quickest but not much point joining as a Chef if you are hoping it's a shortcut to another branch.