Short sighted pirates

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by pompeyexpat, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Who was on watch AB Stevie Wonder or his relief LS Ray Charles?
  2. Looks like a good opportunity to open a smallee shop and sell some Janes.
  3. It must of been that most feared pirate....Long John Stupid and his crew of morons :roll:

    Do you think that the German Navy will put that on their battle Honours board?
    It's not quite up there with the battle of Jutland or sinking the Hood, but it is a start I suppose....Poland beware, the germans are back!
  4. If the German crew returned fire and didn't put the pirates out of their misery, then maybe the Germans are short sighted as well. :D
  5. If it took 5 hours to capture the pirates, what happened to arming helo's, and blasting them out of the water?
  6. Actung,ve vanted to play wiv them a liddle.Mein Gott
  7. I heard that when the German boarding party got aboard the first words uttered were...

    "Vee hafe kom to fix your vashing machine"
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Utter failure to sink the pirate boat.

    PS Then the Germans in accordance with their naval traditions could have machine-gunned the pirates in the water.

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