SHORE time prior to discharge after 22 year +

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by carlsarrou, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone know the reference where it shows what shore time your entitled to prior to leaving after a full used to be BR14 but that been incorporated into BR3 and its a fecking nightmare to navigate.any help appreciated!!!
  2. ..................BR3 Chapter 59
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  3. Is it not five months? Pretty sure that's what I got.
  4. That's about it, 4 months plus Terminal Leave (if you're lucky) - as there can be exceptions, depending on the circumstances under which you are departing!

  5. Bully for you :wink:


    Seriously Froggers,

    If you have still heard nowt back about that alleged bullying accusation I saw this recently:

    <<...2. As a body which seeks to represent its members irrespective of rank, BAFF’s interest in the service complaints system is primarily on behalf of the actual or potential complainer, but also includes those administering the complaints system and those who, with or without justification, find themselves complained about....>>"

    A tiny extract from the BAFF's submission to House of Commons
    Defence Committee - The work of the Service Complaints Commissioner for the Armed Forces.


    Noting that "BAFF Membership is open to all serving regular and reserve members of HM Forces, and to former members."
  6. To be honest Bob I have wrapped with it. Done nothing wrong, the bloke is grabbing at straws due to getting kicked out and even the UPO staff have backed me on here saying the-complainant is a dick.

    After 25 years service it has left a bitter taste in my mouth including a shit final year. Shame really.
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  7. I feel the same about sperm
  8. I thought you liked it?

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