Shore Patrol.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, May 1, 2006.

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  1. Do they still have / do them?Must be some stories out there,let me set the scene,HMS eagle October 57,ships company 2,500,place ,Vigo Spain, second night in,me wafu,stoker ,rem,killick fishead of some description,think he was a gunner type,there were about half a dozen patrols,local police station,pick up one spanish cop with musket,some sort of machine gun.So we hit the steets about nineteen hundred,all was well as you would expect very quiet,Killick sez ok you nip in there for a pint,in turns , this went on for quite a while,then it was two at a time,i think you can guess where this is going? we all ended up together in a bar pissed as farts including spanish cop,this is where memory begins to go hazy,i can recollect being picked up by a patrol and waking up in cells following morning,after Commanders it was Captains,14 days No nines each,which we thought was very cheap,apart from killick fishead who lost his rate,we had been warned by the jossman to expect 7 days cells,but i think they were too excited about the killick, I wonder if the excuse,we were only obeying orders,would have helped? :roll:
  2. Was lumbered for a shore patrol killick in Aden--in the Naafi club .

    Bunch of stokers doing the usual trying to stir the place up so went across and did my diplomatic thats enough you lot and picked the ring leader out told him to behave . He said you going to make me then hooky so I said no but he will pointing to the Rem with me who was six foot square .

    First time I ever saw a stoker go pale . Had a quiet night after that .
  3. Did Shore Patrol in Japan (Nagasaki) once, and was sent down the road to see where the van was, got lost, and it ended up with the other guys having to look for me - mitigation is that I was young, first time in Japan, and lots to look at !!

    Same ship, different area (Djibouti) and we had some RMs with us. A mouthy fully peed jack nearly had his head ripped of by the RM corporal i/c of the patrol for gobbing off when he shouldn't have - but then I suppose we've all done that at times ?
  4. I don't know what the deal was, but I saw a disturbance from my place on the barbican about 2 years ago where the civvy plod were having some aggro with civvy chav scum, the thing was they had a bootneck in rig with them. Anyone know what the score is with that?
    Mate of mine got busted as killick of the shore patrol when he got monged and "lost" his shore patrol in St Helena?????
  5. For the younger members do they still do Sh*gging patrol on bop nights at Collingrad. I kid you not this was actually a duty, report to reggies office, get issued combats, lurk around behind buildings looking for Jack and Jenny improving intersex relations. :lol:
  6. Never been to Colingrad, but when I used to do Duty RPO (I was not a reggie!!) at Pembroke, part of the duty was going along the back road near the tunnel entrances ensuring no hanky panky between the trainee Supply kids, not to forget any ships company partaking !

    Did find on one patrol, up where the old assault course (if it could be called that) bordering the Engineer School, some stockings & a suspender belt plus other items of ladies apparel in the water jump (no pun intended) and over various bushes etc.
    Never did catch any at it - but moved a few on who were closely clasped, or is that clamped (?) together.

    Can't see the point of combats though - what were you guys expecting
  7. We couldnt see the point either especially as you had to have then back at the reggies office clean and pressed the next day. :(
  8. Apart from being a POOD on a frigate in Southampton and having to hastily form a Shore Patrol from the Duty Watch to go and get a few bods out of a pub. I only did the job a couple of times. The best was when on Renown at Port Canaveral/Cocoa Beach, Fla. The USN ran a bus for us, up and down the main street, parallel to the sea, and we'd sit inside on the lookout for our boys (all in rig) who may have got into trouble. All very boring for the first 3 hours or so, so I (as the LH) decided we should actually check in to most of the bars and make our presence known (and to have a whet). So in we'd go, pull our trousers outside the gaiters, hide the wristband and belt, and generally have a good time. We even called in on the strip club and got free drinks - as we were already regulars there. I think we all pulled, too - well, I did.
  9. Going by your Avatar - 'We come unseen' perhaps ? :lol:
  10. I did shore patrol in Detroit 1964. LH plus one(me) from each ship in Dartmouth Training Squad. Tenby Torquay and Scarborough. Eastbourne had broken down in Montreal.

    Cruise round in big yank car until mid night then off belt, gaiters and wrist band and big eats, beers and brothels until 8am with the officers. Funny nobody ever asked us for any money.

    People were paying rum to get posted for duty shore patrol.

    Drunken Matelots were just picked up by the Cities Finest and dropped off at the bottom of the Gangway, sometimes not to gently if they had got stroppy.

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