Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by boxy, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. I have read through the forums and have tryed to find somthing about anyones shore leave experences.

    the reason i ask is that i have been with my girlfriend for 3 years bla bla bla etc and i am very easily led :D i dont want to cheat but if im away for months at a time im pretty sure that the temptation will overcome for me to find a subsitite :twisted:

    has anyone got any advice on how to deal with this, i think i know what the first answer is going to be, but somtimes not even that is enough :lol:

    Any any good shore leave stories are welcome
  2. Leave your concience and morals at HMS Raleigh main gate!

    A woman in every every port.
  3. Whores R us!! Bag up and she'll never know.
  4. Beware the run ashore oppo who always takes his camera/camera phone
  5. Easily led?
    Oh fcukin joy, an oppo who always follows. You will be very happy, very popular, and very fulfilled in this mans Navy.
    A standing pr*ck has no conscience :twisted: :roll: :wink: :D
  6. Also, never go ashore with the first lad to speak to you when you join a ship. Guaranteed throbber.
  7. so, your other half doesn't read this forum then? Let's hope not ay. I think you'll find the answer to your question within yourself. There are no secret methods etc or anything else. You either want to be faithful, or you wantto play the field. If it's the latter then maybe you shouldn't be in a solid relationship just yet.
  8. Well I did want to be, I tried, oh god how I tried, but oh lordy I was weak remiss and backsliding.
    I always wanted to be rich as well, but it turns out most of the wealth in the country went to quite a few of the posters on RR :wink: :twisted: 8O
  9. never mind you bein away for 6 months at a time remeber your bird is home alone for 6 months at a time ad be more arsed about ya bird doin the dirty then you
  10. Quite right, that's the spirit, tie her up, and lock her in a cellar with water and com-plan.
    Cheating bitches. :D :wink:
  11. Unless you dont take care and give her the clap !! :D
  12. If she's divs then when you get back you'll have to shake the pongo spunk out of her and leave on the line to dry out prior to bashing it.

    If she's minging then you only need to worry about Cabbage head's sperm and her distended hoop.
  13. well without sounding too innocent she is my first proper girlfriend and i do like her alot but i have never played the field :D but at the same time i know that she would not go with anyone while im gone, but i wouldent want to cheat on her, but i know that if im drunk and some real nice piece comes along then im not ure what i would do, it depends if they bought me a drink :lol:

    Edit: and i have already started to pray to god that she does not come to this websight because she is not stupid. 8O
  14. You clearly are you chopper. She will almost certainly cheat on you, and once she gets involved in forces life she will meet more decent blokes (obviously pongos stationed nearby) and will realise that there is more to life than nursing you through your early sex life. Suck it up, because she will. Glad I could make you feel better there mucker
  15. All the information you need can be found in this thread:
  16. Aaah young love, so innocent, so pure, so isnt gonna last 10mins. My advice have fun with her now until u join up, see how it goes and dont worry about it. Plus what happens on tour stays on tour! Hopefully 8O :twisted:
  17. Also, don't leave the mob for her. Seen it so many times, lad leaves, gonna get married, he gets outside, she fcuks him off, can't rejoin.
  18. what a throbber
    man up and do her up the shitter night before you fcuk off then when you get to raliegh text dump her pretend to all the wrens that you were the bestest fella ever and then you will be bollokc deep in no time. No doubt if you keep acting like a pansy she probs got someone else already anyway.
  19. im not acting like a pansy im just thinking of all my options before i act, i havent told her my entry date yet (so i could just do a runner :twisted: )

    im defenatly sure im not going to leave the royal navy for her....hell no..when i was a sea cadet i hurd of this guy who got to week 30 of the royal marine commando course he decided to quit because his wife could not deal with it and when he came out he found out that she was having a jolly with sombody else = divorce and on his ass not my cup or tea at all :D

    Through the 3 years i have been with her i have just expected it to end at some point, although she is very clingy so it might be hard if i do.
  20. how old ar u

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