Shore leave whilst alongside in the UK

Discussion in 'RFA' started by Klanky67, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. Whats the score with shore leave whilst you're alongside in the UK? As an example I live close to Portland port and over the last few months the Rosie has been alongside. If I was on my 4 month stint, what leave would I be allowed? Would I get from say 17:00 to 08:00 the next morning every day, or will I be on watchkeeping duties? I am joining as an app seaman next year. And yes I've searched the forum and can find no answers to this!
  2. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    As long as you're not duty, your time outside of working hours is yours to do as you please. But don't bank on the Rosie remaining in Portland.
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  3. officially shore leave is with your head of department's permission, rarely refused and normally granted by exception ie they will say when you cant, rather than giving you permission every time you want to pop ashore for some fags or a pint.
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  4. Thanks for the replies. I wasn't banking on her being there next year but as we do get quite a few in I just wondered what the score was. I was hoping I wouldn't be told that as your an apprentice you can only have Cinderella leave or something like that.
    Fags and a pint! My bodies a Temple I'll have you know, my favourite being Temple Bar in Dublin
  5. An apprentice.... how's it going?
    Ive got an interview in October

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  6. I had my interview in July this year, my start date is April 17. I think I could have had a Jan 17 start but I don't finish in my current job until March.
    Good luck with the interview, as the forums say, research the ships, helos, crew and armaments. Where they're currently deployed on what type of work. Look at the job of a deckie, what you'll be doing day to day. Make sure you know the other branches and rank structure. Finally look at the training you'll do, how long and where it will be. There's shed loads of stuff out on tinternet. Best of luck.
  7. Thanks klanky67
    I'm doing all of the above
    Hope I get in!
    Jan 17 start would be ideal
    All the best to you and thanks again

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  8. I'm starting on 15th of January, as a seaman apprentice. As for your interview make sure you know the ships, what their functions are and what you will be doing on each one, and make sure you learn about what you'll be doing as an Apprentice at Raleigh, (1 week intro, 3 week functional skills, 6 week seamanship). Other than that try and sound as confident and as friendly as you can, all the best :)
  9. Thanks mate
    I'm applying for Engineering
    Think that's HMS SULTAN

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  10. Ah sorry I didn't see that, all the best pal
  11. Thanks mate

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  12. york 70, remember, suck ,squeeze, bang,blow, you'll be O.K.
  13. ^^^ Also joining 15th of jan. the interview was pretty chill imo just look smart and be confident
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  14. 15 Jan. What branch SuperNexus ?

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  15. York70 just a tip for you. The search bar in the top right is a great tool to search for info. I have just typed SuperNexus into it and the first thread says what branch he's going in (deckie).
    The old sea dogs on here will get a bit threaders if a sprog keeps posting for info that's already out there without doing a bit of digging first. #justsaying
  16. Thanks - already done that
    Just looking for as much info as poss
    I know what you mean though- you're right

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  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Indeed we do. We also get a bit miffed when a thread in which the OP asks about night leave alongside becomes yet another -the 7th thread in 9 days - to be host to York70's me me me questions.
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