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Shore leave dates- collingwood 2024


My son is due to start phase two training at Collingwood. I was wondering what date the Easter shore leave is? As we’re trying to plan a trip. Thanks
I suggest the week before and after the Easter Weekend (March 31st), I assume you also meant 2024?

But what do I know, I left the mob 15 years ago :) and I was never "at sea on the Collingwood", to be honest I was never at sea :).
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Be aware when you get the dates that the services can be a little fickle. Having a holiday booked does not trump the needs of the RN. Should there be a state occasion such as a Royal funeral or Coronation establishments such Collingwood are asked to provide bodies to take part. I'm not predicting anything for King Charles or his family for next year but it needs to be born in mind.

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