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shore establishments in WW2


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I seem to recall that at one time my Dad was stationed at Chatham but was working in London helping with after bombing duties


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Does anybody know what seaman did during time at shore establishments? thank you

Especially HMS Drake

I'm not quite sure that I have understood your question as you intended it, but something which struck me when I was researching something to do with bases during this period was that they fulfilled a range of functions, partly depending on where they were. There was one, I can't remember which one for the moment, which was responsible for pay and other administrative matters.

My understanding is that Devonport's primary role during the Second World War was to repair ships, its proximity to both the Atlantic and the Channel being of particular significance.


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Does anybody know what seaman did during time at shore establishments? thank you

Especially HMS Drake

I realise that it's not exactly what you are asking, but I seem to recall being told that, for safety during the worst of the bombing in WW2, large numbers of the men and women based at RNB Devonport were bussed out to stay overnight at the old victualling depot at Wrangaton.



During shore bases I’m sure they were waiting for their next posting. Probably training or re training and being a general helping hand for anything required. I just wondered as some shore postings were for up to 6 months on my dads service record whether their were more specific things on the posting. Probably rest after some previous ordeal? Any examples would be great ...thank you


In the 1960's most in barracks were either on leave after seatime. doing courses like fire fighting , on general working parties or manning the gates and doing other duties.

The barracks were built in victorian times or earlier, junior rates mess blocks were on either two or three levels about 30-40 double bunks with straw mattresses and the only heating was a pot bellied coal stove every 20 odd feet on one side so basically freezing in winter and each pot bellied had about 3 or 4 armchairs around them.

1965 on HMS Adamant was the last ship i served on with hammocks for all junior rates
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