Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by stirling2, Nov 7, 2009.

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  1. Here in York trends and shit tend to pass us by, probably due to the centre being encirled by a medieval wall, but slowly and surely we are emerging from the dark ages as planning permission is in the pipeline for a...................


    so, what can we expect ?, genuinely higher quality produce than run of the mill s/markets or just posh name ripoff ?.
  2. Cheese amd Jalapino Crisps. other than that go to sainsburys and add 20% to everything. Beer and cider section isn't bad if you drink proper beer and cider.
  3. But remember, you have got Betty's. About the best cake shop there is.
  4. Also about the most expensive! I know loads of people obsessed with that place and I just don't get it.

    There's a pasty shop (or was) and a sweet shop on the Shambles that I'd much rather go to :?
  5. Posers paradise Tim. :roll:
  6. Welcome to middle class heaven!

    Waitrose is very good for: wine (not cheap plonk, but good £5 a bottle stuff), bottled beer, bread, your basic groceries, locally-produced veg, offers on crisps and biccies. They've just introduced a 'basics' range which is comparable to a Sainsbury's or Tesco own brand. Meself, I prefer the Waitrose basics...

    What it's expensive for is ready meals and pre-packed meat (raw, cooked and cold). So if you're in a rush or fancy a ready-made curry, it ain't cheap. It's very tasty, but expensive.

    If you're prepared to browse for offers and maybe treat yourself to something a bit different, then dig in.
  7. That a new club in York? The bouncers won't let me into most of the good ones :twisted:
  8. Because you are a cnut!
  9. That's what they said when I asked why.
  10. Cheers matey.
  11. OMG they do the most orgasmic raspberry cheesecake brulee. It truely is better than sex.
  12. :?:
  13. What?
  14. Well Rosinacarley, do forgive me for the :?: but I was just puzzled at your apparent preferences:

    <<‘orgasmic raspberry cheesecake brulee. It truely is better than sex’>>

    Together with your penchant for <<‘ a chocolate penis which ejaculates money’>> this leads me to suspect that you are either a Choco/Sugar-maniac or that you have been seriously shorted-changed whilst engaged in carnal gratification.

    (BTW - I’m offering no solution, although others may…….)

    PS A certain Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull put me off Mars Bars a long time ago, until the Jocks came up with the deep-fried variant. :twisted:
  15. Forgive me, but no food is better than sex.

    It's not what you've got, but what you do with it...

    Stirling, do report back with your shopping experiences when the place opens :)
  16. Yes that's it.
  17. :p

    Sugar Daddies - Fall In!
  18. They are using the former MFI building, only 15 yrs old so once they get the go fit out should be PDQ.
    Expect to be rubbing shoulders with all the former M&S hordes early spring.
  19. Fortnum and Mason are also very good and they deliver as well.
  20. Rod.....F&M is Royalty fodder, I cannot afford fish fingers let alone caviar.

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