Shopping-spree for blokes

Bill Gates has just had a heart attack and kicked the bucket. On inspection of his will, it is discovered that he's left all his dosh to you. You have therefore given the wife/kids a pier-head jump, and it's time for you to abso-f***ing-lutely Banzai. Money is no object. Common sense no longer exists. Spend, spend, spend! First lets have a house and some stuff to put in the garage/on the waterfront:-

(Live a little) :boogie:
skyvet said:
Looks a bit scary BBD - does it come with stabilisers?
Training wheels is for wimps mate! This thing goes THROUGH lamp-posts.
Anyway - I digress - here's a record deck for your vinyl collection plus the speakers.
(Total cost one million, seven hundred and ninety five thousand dollars - honest)

(The speaker system is the million dollar bit...)
Sorry - Red Devils is off the menu. Can do you a deal on one bicycle wheel though:-

Artist Marcel Duchamp created 'readymade art', basically a bicycle wheel on a stool, in 1913.
Today it's worth about $3 million, definitely the world's most expensive bicycle wheel.

(A nice "dust-gatherer" for the lounge methinks)
Dumdum: Someone's already got one of them. Much prefer this to get to the pub and home again.
Naturally - will pay to have a runway built out the back.

1982 AEROVODOCHODY L39, 1982 AEROVODOCHODY L39C 610 TTSFN (!Six Hundred Ten Hours Total Time Since Factory New!)
This L39 has never been in military service. It was a camera ship flown as a chase plane with a remote camera pod in the rear seat.
It was completely restored (ground up) in 2000, and then received a complete refresh restoration covering all major system ending
in Feb 2007. (Zero Hours since 07 overhaul) Engine: 677 hours on Factory New Engine, 616 Cycles .
Oxygen Hydro Test 02/07, Pressurization System Overhauled 02/07, All Major Systems (Hydro, Fuel Controller, Accumulators,
Inverters, Air Conditioner, Etc. Completely overhauled 02/07)
This L39 is Ready to Fire up and Fly. $369,500,
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