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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Do you think that the boffins will ever isolate the 'Shopping Gene' that women seem to be born with.

    I go shopping with my wife,I know a big mistake but I'm not allowed out on my own.

    Everytime she buys something we go back the following day to return it as its either too big/small,the wrong colour etc etc.
    This is after spending several hours going from one shop to another and we usually end up back at the first one we went into.

    Is this a fault that only the female of the species is afflicted with,it drives me to distraction.
    Men know what they want,go and get it. then go home.
    I have yet to return anything that wasnt right in the first place.

    Is it because we men know our minds or is it that women are secretly getting their own perverse kicks from making us suffer?
  2. I HATE shopping with the 2SL, she can look at things for AGES and then buy the product we always buy; baffling. I get my own back on the odd time I am allowed out on my own. I rush around LeClerc and get everything as fast as I can knowing that on the way home the mobile will ring asking me to add something to the list only for me to say, I am two minutes away, get the kettle on.
  3. RG - I am sorry to report that clearly as a bloke you cannot possibly understand the value of a good shop. I, however, would never take the PO Stoker on a shopping exped. He has no idea why one pair of black trousers could be different from another pair of black trousers, or why it is necessary to have so many FMBs, or handbags costing over the value of a plastic bag from Tescos.

    Accept it.
  4. I actually like shopping but dont understand why everything has to be exchanged the following day having spent so much time getting it in the first place.

    The mind boggles!!! :thumbdown:
  5. Of course, this is because you are bloke.
  6. So it is in your genes then.
    Its all coming clear to me now,thanks.
  7. Rod, I don't think it's genetic. Were it due to possessing a pair of X sex-chromosomes, then I would be just as bad as your wife and Rosie, but I'm not, so we must correctly attribute it to brain maldevelopment as a result of lacking the rational gene: situated on the Y sex-chromosome. :thumright:


    Tin helmet secured, taking shelter, awaiting incoming........ :biggrin:

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