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Shopping, Chavs and a Cull.

Blackrat said:
You can't even get a coffee because of fuckwits trying to decide if they prefer the Gingerbread Latte or the Machiato Tagnut Surprise.

Found myself standing in such a queue in Fareham at the weekend. I just want a fucking coffee not a fucking "Americano"! I don't care about the sodding frothy milk and fucking clouds of steam - spoonful of coffee granules, hot water and milk - end of!

It's coffee! Just how fucking difficult can it be??? :x :x :x


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Don't get me started on these coffee twats TD. I love real coffee. The trouble i have is unbelievable just trying to get one. I have, however, settled on a white americano. It's easier than fucking about with all that other posh bollocks. Oh and by the way, if i wanted a chocolate muffin or some hippie granola arse bar, i would have ordered one you felines anus. (It's the equivalent of "Just a Big Mac please". "Do you want fries with that?". "Did i order fucking fries you Vesuvius faced banjo string?")

On the plus side, the chavery don't tend to go into Costa. Their idea of real coffee is "Facking Gold Blend innit. Proper posh that". Ill bred cunts.



War Hero
Aye, with you on that Blackrat, though on a rare visit to one of the chain ones a week or so ago I found that it is possible to buy a simple 'filter' coffee at a reasonable price.

Can't agree about the granules TD - that is most certainly not coffee in my opinion.
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