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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Seaweed, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Pootling through Cambridge the other day my eye fleetingly caught the name on a Chinese food shop .. CHU MEE. I think if Mt Chu had set up in Portsmouth he might have had some strange requests.

    For me, beats GO SOON which was an undertaker in Johore and, by miles, Doolittle and Dalley, estate agents in Ludlow (wonder how they get any trade).
  2. Many years ago I saw a Chinese food shop in New Orleans called Takee Outee, further down the road was another Chogy nosh place called Outee Takee.
  3. The best suit I ever had made was by a Taylor in the Navena shopping mail off Thompson road in singapore His name was Fok Ewe!

    In the Multi store at Peoples park on New Bridge street in Singapore they had a Shirt Maker called "Lifting Shirts" It's still there too.
  4. Not a shop, I know, but my wife (a nurse) used to work on a male orthopaedic ward when a young female Chinese doctor started.

    Her name?

    Wan Lim.

    (Gen dit, no shit!)
  5. Jasons Doner Van
  6. Three well known businesses in SE London in the 80/90's

    Black Heath "Tuck em Up Autos" 2nd hand car dealer.

    New Cross " Robin Bastard" House Clearance and Sales

    SE Area "Bodgitt and Leggit" Builders

  7. Not a shop sign, and maybe a tad off thread, but I saw a drain cleaners van with the slogan:
    "Your No 2 business is our No 1 business"
  8. I remember the one from the Two Ronnies, 'Cobblers to the Queen'
  9. D.E. that reminds me of a builders company van I saw.

    Khan & Khan builders. You've tried the cowboys, now try the indians. o_O
  10. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    No doubt your Chinese doctor was a relative of the Chinese PTI, Wan Jim Shu.

  11. :thumright: I do like a good laugh :thumleft:
  12. Phuckets Thai in Sarisbury Green Southampton
  13. On the A27 at Chichester - 'Have your bush trimmed by one of our Beaver tools' - Beaver tool hire that is, and yes it is easy to keep digging!
  14. Pinch

    Please post their details.... they have a potential customer base here.... on RR!!! :lol:
  15. FuKu noodle bar on the Wirral

    Rumoured to be starting another one up in Liverpool, to be called FuKu 2 :w00t:
  16. In Bonny Donny there used to be a bookies called Bint and Raper.
    In Worksop a Chinky nosh shop called Fuk Mee
  17. The fishing tackle shop across the road from Albert Gate in Guzz: "Master Baits"
  18. Brilliant :thumright:
  19. seen in the south of france hotel Joss,
    Is this a retirement home for Reg. Staff?
  20. Old pub sign in York, picture of female with head under arm......

    The Quiet Woman.

    Before PC another one had a picture of a white woman scrubbing a young black boy......

    Labour In Vain.

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