Shooty Stuff?


Do the RFA do any variant of the Naval Annual Personal Weapon Test; or have any profieciency or training in small arms at all? Or is that all left to the RN and RM onboard?



If you want to be trained to slot people, it's definitely the wrong profession...

At BRNC, there is a basic weapons handling element; I'm not sure if there are any weapons handling components to the courses at Raleigh. Even so, most of the RFA will never touch a weapons system again after basic, unless it's a RAS rifle.

The WMO (a 3/O E) has training in weapons maintenance for most of the weapons held on board and some of the lads are trained in firing the 30mms/20mms (for which they need regular re-certification).

At the end of the day, we're professional seafarers who facilitate delivery of 60% of the RN's tasking every year. We leave what's left to the RN/ RM.

RFA at HMS Raleigh

Lantern Swinger
Hi we only have command weapons on RFA ships so no need for personal weapons handling test. That said I have done it a couple of times for an instrucotr role at BRNC, but not part of my day job in normal RFA world on ships.