Shooting in the RN.

Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by Rem3pt, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi all. I'm a keen shooter of rifles and shotguns and hold a certificate for both. But in the RN will i still be able to keep it up? Especially the rifle shooting on the ranges. Is it a limited thing if you aren't a soldier or can anyone take up arms to practice at the when they get the time? :)

  2. See here although it looks a bit out of date: Shoot Navy

    When an old-style 2/O (Second Officer WRNS) came around the mess collecting money for a WRNS (pronounced 'Wrens') shooting competition, I once annoyed her by asking how many she hoped to bag.
  3. NICE! :D
  4. Oh I forgot to mention, there is always a shortage of volunteers for the Gib ape shoots and the Malta dog shoots, it might be worth putting yourself forward for one or both of these. Personally I found the Gib one to be better sport and the piss up afterwards was more fun.
  5. Not forgetting the 'Polar Bear Shoot'
  6. This is an old picture from my album of HM the Queen and Nick the Greek arriving to inspect the members of the Gib Ape shoot, shortly before they set off for the shoot in 1955.

    That day they bagged 4 apes. They also accidentally shot an American tourist (flesh wound only) who had strayed into a prohibited area.

  7. I heard about that, stupid yank messed up the shoots for everyone else as the land allocated to the shoot was reduced to over half it's size after that incident.
  8. Call me an 'old softy' but I hate it when they plead for mercy. :cry:


    I'm not sure it's sporting to shoot them from vehicles, either, but one has to 'move' with the times.
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Blimey! Zoidberg's only been in the Mob two months and he's already got LFS to Gib - dipping in bastard... :shock:
  10. Thats the one that had my mates camera, the theiving little b*satard!!!! :(
  11. silly moments

    Dont tell me they are still falling for the Gib ape shoots. God thats an old one. We had a notice up for volunteers for a safari and TIGER!!! shoot in Nairobi (Mombassa) At least 4 put their name down. We had a bloke on the bridge in a diving suit once who volunteered to do a muff dive. I wont mention his name but when he left the RN he went to be an MOD copper at the RAE at Farnborough Hants.

    As far as real shooting went. We used to have the .22 club in Raleigh and if you were particulaly keen you could shoot at Tipner Ranges if they are still their.
    On the Puncheston our skipper used to let us shoot Sterlings at beer cans thrown over the side.
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