Shooting games from the OTHER perspective

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Nails, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. I was thinking about this the other day. There is sh!t loads of clone war/shooter games where you play some hoorah yank marine/soldier fighting the arabs or the nazis or the vietcong OTHER group that we have all been brainwashed to perceive as alien, evil and "a threat".

    However, what is your opinion on a game being made that has you controlling a taliban fighter resisting Western forces? Or a vietcong soldier fighting the yanks? Or something from the nazi perspective in the campaign in the next COD or MOH gtame?

    Would you agree with this move? And would you play this game? Or do you think playing a taliban computer character and shooting american/british ai opponents is wrong?
  2. You asked the fcuking question, you answer it first ********.

    If you fail to answer then other peoples opinions have sod all to do with you.
  3. Personally I think they should release a game where you play as a disgruntled US high school student armed with automatic weapons and grenades. Imagine the smiles on the kid's faces as they walk around blowing the nasty history teachers brains apart or gleefully putting one into the kneecap of their favourite cheerleader. Now that would make good gaming.
  4. I don't understand. What's the point in asking a question if you're only going to answer it yourself?

    How would people feel if the next grand theft auto had you playing as a muslim fanatic in london?
  5. Ok - I'll ask the question.

    With reference to the above, how does Nobber Nails feel about it.
  6. There are games like this, just play COD but play as the bad guys, or play arma as the bad guys of course on line
  7. What about a game where you've got really aggressive aids and you have to have unprotected sex with as many people as possible.

    Could be like the Sims, you have to set the atmosphere for the most sexually charged event and hopefully spark an orgy for combo multipliers
  8. Well personally i think it would bring something fresh to the genre. I would like to see a game called Taliban Freedom Fighters or summat that has you defending parts of afghanistan and sh!t.

    I know you can play as the "bad guys" in some games. But it's more of an afterthought and implemented into multiplayer or free for all games. The main campaigns in these games are almost always from a Western/allied point of view. And to be honest it's getting boring. I'm sick playing Harry Hoorah the US Marine grunt with his high tech kit and badass attitude. Why can't I play some mad rag head with a jamming AK and fanatic views?

    Infact you could implement a fanatometer that is next to your health bar and the arab your playing grows in fanaticism as he progresses and his fanometer gauge rises every time he kills a western soldier. Once the gauge is full he can release his fanaticism powers by holding down L2 and square and gain limited extra damage or speed or invulnerabilty or some other power up.

    See I like FPS games but it's time someone did something different with them.
  9. I think a version of Medal of Honor should be done called 'Waffen SS Attrocities' and you could work your way up from Private to UnterSturmFeldMarshal by deliberately killing Prisoners of War and civilians.
    If by some chance your character gets wounded you can recuperate in a Concetration Camp beating up Jews, queers and commies.
    As well as winning lots of medals, towards the end of the campaign you need to work on your post war alibi and or escape route to South America.
    Probably be a best seller in Yorkshire and Humberside at the mo. :evil:
  10. It's an interesting concept although I don't reckon Call of Jihad: Modern Warfare will be out on 360 any time soon! Saying that, I read about a zombie film that was recently released that told the story from the perspective of the zombie rather than the gaggle of survivors trying to escape.
  11. Where or when can i buy this game,sounds brill :wink: :D
  12. Its because it wont be fun.

    Okay imagine this. Online multiplayer game, like battlefield 2, but it is afghan vs NATO.
    Who would you chose to play on, the team with the F35s, harriers, F18s, stealth bombers, snipers, HUGE Variety of choppers, or the poor afghans with ak47s.
  13. You could get upgrades for your flip flops like leather straps and all terrain soles and different transport like suicide bomber Donkeys or RPG Missile Camels.

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