Shock of my life....

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bartman11, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Just come in from doing overtime, got the usual hello from er indoors and a hug from my daughter.....

    Checked my mail and this big envelope was waiting for me... low and behold it's a date for my Psychometric Test's 8th February... I have been waiting for this for weeks now, but if I'm honest I felt a tad nervous and sick....

    A life changing moment is coming now and it's something I want so much....

    All I need to do is now try hard and pratice at home, work etc.....

    Thank you all for the help offered....
  2. good luck :)
  3. Don't get too 'heat up' about it, just practice hard and keep your calm. Make sure you can get through a weight of questions quickly and if you can't do long division/multiplication, discover a means! I personally found the RT to be quite straightforward but that was because I practiced damn hard first!

    Depending on your age (sorry for being ageist) you might have big problems with mechanical comprehension. Being a young 'un myself who presented the MC questions to his mates, I had a larf when I saw 'em scratching their heads like monkeys asking where the real MC was. Thick twats.
  4. Good on you buddy!

    I literally just got home an hour ago from my RT, which I passed with a good enough score to get in as an AET :)

    All the advice I can think to give is not to worry too much about it, as long as you practice practice practice you'll be fine. Make sure you can work through questions quickly as time really is the deciding factor in this test. Long multiplication, long division and fractions were the hardest parts for me, but I don't know what your maths level is...

    Good luck!
  5. Congrats mate.
  6. well done mate
  7. Outstanding drills that man; wait until the letter drops on your mat before you go commit to revising. :withstupid:
  8. I started to revise before I got my letter, I got all the books etc that Ninja advised.....

    I just didnt expect the letter to come so soon, I only sent back my form to go ahead with the application two weeks ago.......

    I just need to revise more than I have been doing.
  9. i find it astonishing why the rt is made out to be so hard on this forum.

    when i went to my afco i wasnt even told about it, went on the day and only got a 3 questions really is that simple
  10. i did my RT in december and i didnt find it too hard. The only part i really had a struggle with was the mechanical questions. But i still managed to pass (going in for CIS), and that was going straight through the office after finishing a 11hour night shift!

    All the best for it :)
  11. Simple for you may be, but not for some, hence all the posts about RT.
  12. Well Done Samwise and Good Luck Bartman!

    Loads of support links on here. If you know you need to brush up on aspects of maths then best to start asap, and keep practising to the clock.

    If you don't think you can answer a question in 10 seconds then move on and finish and go back to those you missed and either take more time or guess! More chance with a guess than no answer :D
  13. If you don't already, wear a watch! TIME IS KEY! if you don't know the question quick enough, just move on and try and get as many done as you can.

    I only ever use my phone for a clock, of course they have to be off and the time seemed to fly by when sitting there in those conditions.

    Although getting good scores on mock tests and managing to do every question in the time given when revising, I failed the real thing on Maths :( DOH! It's always been my weakness tbh and I thought I did as much as I could to prepare.. obviousley not.

    DO NOT buy any of the how2become tests, they are so much easier than the actual thing!

    I'll be getting myself the 11+ books and brushing up on it to re sit in about 6 months.. the good thing I found with that is the advisor said that if I pass it again, I won't be at the back of the que they'll do it as if I passed on 26 Jan.

    It's harder than I expected it to be going by some of the comments on here, but I'm glad I know what to expect for next time.

    Oh and I couldn't believe the state of some of the people in there, dress and manor wise. If succesfull, they'll have a big shock, I bet.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The ease or difficulty of the test is purely subjective, however it would be rather foolish for anyone to think it easy, do nothing, fail & then have to wait 12 months for a re-sit. Certainly in my region it's not unusual for 50% of those who bother to turn up, to fail to score high enough for their chosen trade or fail outright.

    There are many people who get only a few wrong in each section, however being smug about personal achievement hardly helps the majority who may find it more difficult than others. Suggesting that preparation is not needed could be interpreted as displaying ignorance, no concept of humility or perhaps misplaced arrogance, however reading the quoted post above makes it seem extremely unlikely than only 3 questions overall were answered incorrectly - selective hearing/memory recall, perhaps. :wink:
  15. Wear a watch? What's the point? A watch won't make you go any quicker. In fact it will waste valuable seconds as you look at it and create the added element of time pressure. Better that you answer 28 questions to the fullest of your ability anyway than you hurry through the last 10, though personally I think time management ought to be the least of your concerns. I took my watch off personally and forgot about time. Just answer each question to the fullest of your abilities.

    As for the RT being easy/hard - depends on how used to tests you are. The psychometric test was a whole new idea to me, and whilst I have a good success rate in exams I wouldn't have done anywhere near as well on the RT had I not practiced and grown accustomed to particular types of question. I suspect mechanical comprehension shall be most difficult for most younger individuals.

    I don't see how anyone can know they only got 3 wrong - I was only told that I'd passed and that ANY trade was open to me.
  16. Thats funny, you only got 3 questions wrong? How did you work that one out?

    When they dont tell you what questions you got wrong. You either 'Passed' Or 'Failed' :roll:
  17. People may laugh, but i got the 11+ test papers as advised on here.... they are very useful....

    I practice each night & when in work, has to be at break and lunch so means not that much time..... I tried the how2 and found them easy, like some say not much help. I found the Interview bit helpful though... I will admit I find fractions a worry, I left school at 16 and maths never a strong point. I have spent more on this subject.

    At the end of the day it's down to me to pass the tests, It's better to try and fail and not to try at all.
  18. Yeah, I read on PRMC forum the night before my RT test that someone had passed after 6 weeks of solid, hard revision. Scared the crap out of me. Did about 30 mins that night and a few speed/distance/times on the train ont he way up there (1.5hour or so) sat it and passed.
    Happy days.
  19. My reasons behind the watch idea was the fact that you have no idea how long is left.. I can remember having quite a few questions left on the maths exam and if I had known I had around 10 seconds left, I would have just X'd through the remaining B's or something, in the hope that if I needed a few to pass, a few would be right as if I remember correctly, you don't get marked down for wrong answers.

    I'm gutted that I was able to do the how2become tests in the time, under the impression I'd have no problems on the day.

    As for not knowing how many you got, I got told that I failed on Maths by just a few and if I get a Maths tutor and proof of having one, I can go back in 5 months to re-sit and go into the que for Raleigh as if I passed back on the 26th.. ? providing I pass the other entry requirements of course.

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