Shock horror

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, May 11, 2009.

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  1. Should I have heard of them?
  2. Oh noooooo! They were so, like, totally, like, my favourite couple everrr, blud.

    This is what I will have to hear for the next week. I may deafen myself now to save myself the pain.
  3. Can we kill them like we did Jade and Diana?
  4. Oh God, the tabloids are going to ram this down their readers throats for days. Oh crap, it's made it onto SKY news.
  5. Huzzah, more Tabloid hand wringing and "we told you so." Massive tits and mong boy are an added bonus!
  6. Think before you act,we will have the same chav state of mourning for weeks if we do.

    Must rush out and buy Heat in the morning before they have all gone.
  7. Odds on how long before the 'stolen' honeymoon porn film of the once happy couple becomes available?
    My interest in other celeb couples porn tapes has been flagging for a while.
  8. Well, obviously you do or else you wouldn't have originated a post about it
  9. I'd still like to spunk on her tits and smear it around with my bellend..........
  10. 6 months down the line, Get back together, renew marriage vows, tacky magazine deal and new TV show!!! All planned out!!!
  11. Cynic :)
  12. But if you see a hair of Max Clifford probably true.
  13. More like a realist - good career move, and think of all those magazine interviews - " He was a total GOBSH*TE", followed next month by "I've never stopped loving him, and I want him back". :pukeleft: :pukeleft: :pukeleft:
  14. I hate them both.. attention seekers, and the people who watch their shows need to get a life
  15. It's probably more the case that the media courts them...both sides making each other very wealthy. :eek:

    Pete Andre's been looking a bit miffed for a while and apparently feeling like his career's taken a tumble since hooking up with Ms.Price.

    There you go see....the old expression, 'Behind every successful man stands a woman' ain't that way round for no reason.

    You guys....just can't handle the heat of a famous chick....... :wink:

    Still a surprise though...they seemed pretty solid all in all.Another one bites the dust. :roll:
  16. Bugger,I thought I'd got away with it. :lol:
  17. I hope that filthy old spunk bag Jordan go's into making horse porn now she's got rid of that wet piss flap of a husband of hers. I'd fcuking take an interest in the rotten old sperm bank then. By the way, if they go to court to fight over custody of the kids do you seriously think either of them will by kicking the arse out of getting custody of Dwight Yorkes fcuking mongtard beast. Who the fcuk would want that fcuking thing crashing round their house with his brillo padded crazy afro, his mongo strength and his 200 teeth denting fcuk out of the furniture 'cos he's a fcuking window licker! Just an afterthought....
  18. I think Ms Price is quite an astute businesswoman whilst the the failed dink wailer would appear to fit the solid tag

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