Shock horror, NHS re-employs 4000 staff recently made redundant

Amazing the Public Sector yet again pisses in your face, all these state owned organisations do is re-shuffle and recreate new jobs and titles, the worst being the Civil Serpents, job for life then drip like fcuk when they only get a 1% pay rise, then decide whether to take strike action,get real most Private Sector employees have not had a pay rise in over 5 years. Don't take the shite that most of them earn less than minimum wage, the guy that produced Daily Orders in Drake used to arrive at 0730 and had finished by 0900, sat in his office bored to fcuk just waiting for retirement, he'd been in the dockyard for 40 odd years never risen above the lowest grave but just shuffled around each time redundancies were announced.
Rant over


Having worked for the NHS I agree we had senior people that were made redundant with massive pay offs (over 100K) then 2 months later started working for other trusts on higher pay bands. The NHS is very incestuous plus it like the failed two and a half ringer club you scratch my back I'll scratch yours
Its not just the NHS, County Councils, MOD all of them just cycle the manpower and few if any actually lose their jobs. Especially the upper echelons were jobs for the boys are rife. Still I can't say I'm bitter anymore, just get a little pissed off when you hear them all whinging, I remember my time at Abbey Wood 5 themed restaurants, 1st class flights to LA top of the range hire cars, state of the art IT and office furniture out of the 10 members of the procurement team I was working three of them spent most of their days in the office on E Bay. Team building trip to a 5 star Hotel in Gloucester. Just did a job at the Met Office in Exeter last week 10 Coffee shops, at least 6 cafe's.
If they were businesses they'd be bankrupt within a week.

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