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Shock horror!! I've been sacked!!!


War Hero
I see, on checking the site after the recent down time, that my MODship has been revoked!
i know I was AWOL most of the time and only came on to take the piss out of piss stained matelots but still!
Bloody rude, didn't even receive a P45 or have a leaving do arranged and as for the Leaving Routine, **** all! Missed the chat with the Padre and the "Well, good luck out there NZ Bootneck." from the COs.
That twat Wet Blobby probably suggested it.
Will miss reading the memberships PMs and random deleting benefits.


War Hero
A well known, or so I thought, perk of MODship. My bad if it wasn't common knowledge.
The missives between sad old bluffers and anything with a muff were always amusing.


War Hero
I shall not be reduced to begging for my rightful position of power and omnipotence!
Well until I really start missing reading the 'Top 10 members PMs', always brings a smile to the dial. :wink:


If a vacancy has arisen I would request that my name is not put forward, much as I would enjoy a position of authority and I do have the necessary skills ( totally unbiased & firm but fair) I feel that due to outside commitments I would be unable to give the position my undivided attention.


War Hero
I also used to like editing Finks sane and well put over points of view into the rambling dribbles of an ex Greenham CND harridan. Worked a treat in getting site traffic up for the COs.
They were so grateful I got an all exs trip to Bangkok out of it.


I had a brief moment of dyslexia; I thought you had written;

I don't have the subtlety to even think of slurping his hole.


Had a dyslexia moment myself there, I thought you'd put " I don't have the suppleness to even think of swallowing his pole"
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