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Shitting Nazi vs Mong Tiger.

Who wins?

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War Hero
So come on then ladies and gents, who would win? We all love Mong Tiger but there is a new kid in town. I mean this guy has everything, jackboots, demented smile, a pipe and top it all off he is having a shit.

Comedy doesn't come much greater than this:




Shitting Nazi all the way mate. I bet this guy was a mate of the guy on the far left:

Happy in his work, heroic stance and a wonderful pair of boots. What's not to like?
When I saw the title, I thought it was something to do with the question about Popes shitting in the woods and are bears catholic?

Definitely the Kraut due to novelty value.


War Hero
Shitting Nazi is great but I think the novelty value will wear off sooner rather than later. Mong Tiger has an enduring quality that will outlast this young Nazi upstart.


I'm bored with Mong Tiger. I will never tire of a grimacing German soldier taking a dump with a pipe 'twixt his lips (in more ways than one).

The King is dead, long live the [shitting] King
2_deck_dash said:
....this guy has everything, jackboots, demented smile, a pipe and top it all off he is having a shit....

Why, 'tis only Bert Trautmann.

Practising in goal - before we won;

Goalie for 'City - after we won

NB See that Pipe? No? Airbrushed!


Both are are classics without a doubt, but for me, the kacking kraut just edges it with his Arian smirk and pipe whilst laying his egg.


War Hero
It's gotta be the German for me too, I mean mong tiger is great and we all love him but just look at that kraut's face? Also if you look carefully in the background you can see other eggs that he has laid previously. The guy is a legend.


War Hero
Mong Tiger for me. Where's the danger in curling one down in those jack boots; if he's wrong for line the brown job will just slide down the glistening leather and he'll get an oppo to hose him down from the rear...


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Oh the agony of choice. I'm torn, i really am.

As most of you know, i fucking love Mong Tiger. I really do. He is the bollocks.

However, for comedy value and the fact that he has a pipe, it has to be the Nazi crimping off a length.


Lantern Swinger
Both are pretty classic it has to be said, but the Tiger clinches it. Even though at that moment in time the crapping guy has produced a work of art, the tiger always looks like that. When he is happy, sad, scared, lonely- he always had that sweet little face; and so the photo captures a mere moment of a truly legendary creature.


War Hero
Super Moderator
Has to be the mong tiger.

Pongo's (of whatever flavour) taking a dump in a field are old hat, which ironically is what the Nazi is wearing.

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