As with all other Matelots I have a deep hatred of Shitehawks,my wife still remarks on the times when I take a boat out and all I want to do is run over the bastards.
Last night I was awoken at 2.00am with them screaming away,don't these twats ever sleep?
When I joined the mob I often heard of Jacks tying a piece of yarn with bacon on each end to watch two swallow it and plummet down but I never saw that.
I also heard of Jacks lacing meat with carbide and the heat caused them to explode but I don't believe that.
On a visit to the lakes my wife made up some rolls,I picked one up and thought she's put cream cheese on it and she knows I don't like that,after eating it I found out it was Shitehawk shit!tasted kinda fishy.
I still,after over 40 years leaving the mob,hate Shite hawks.
I also heard of Jacks lacing meat with carbide and the heat caused them to explode but I don't believe that.

Calcium Carbide and water gves off Acetylene, stomach acid would give an interesting reaction.

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Watching a phalanx serial from the flight deck, Canberra tows the tgt overhead, phalanx engages, follows the orange dobber. Gets down to sea level elevation so we can see the boil in the waves where the rounds strike. Barrels begin to train aft, and lo and behold a shitehawk in flight cops a round through the wing. It rolls on its side mid-air and flaps, where a second round strikes body centre mass. Red cloud of mist and ball of feathers like a pillow exploding. Bits are all so small we couldnt see em hit the oggin. One-nil to the phalanx.....
Alka steltzers are good for shitehawks. Throw the bastards bread first to lull then into a false sense of security.
Carbide pellets rolled up in bread does the business, the most effective and the one which gives instant results is the BB gun. You have to be careful and allow a little gash to bait them, best done the evening before the refuse men remove the gash, that way the carcass can be desposed of in an environmentaly friendly way.
They are no more than pests and should be culled


Saw two shitehawks kill then eat a pigeon on a fender in 5 basin while bringing a boat out of RAMP. Ruthless bastards.
Got a problem up here with the bastards dive bombing kids with cornets,anyone with a bite to eat.
They just fly in and grab it or tear at your scalp if you fend them off!
The council wanted to reduce the numbers by shooting the eggs in the nests,not killing the twats,just reducing the numbers that way but the green wellie,Jesus loving,sandal wearing retards caused such a fuss it was scrapped.
"They are God's creatures was the cry" if so why does God let them shit on everything including my car and house?


Lantern Swinger
What you all fail to remember is that all shitehawks are dead cheif stokers and some of them were evil bastards.
Shite hawks are classed as vermin species up here -not sure about England though. They can be shot or whatever to kill them.
Bad news is you can't really shoot them in towns due to the possibility of accidental injury to people living there .
Remember the mate shooting a couple long time ago. Bang! Bang! Thud!Thud! The thud being plod shutting his car door he was fined fifty quid. If you have a dead shitehawk and you need more for the ferrets just throw the deceased into the air the rest will swoop down thinking it is feeding time. I would put my dislike for shitehawks on par with fecking travellers!!

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