shite stains


Lantern Swinger
well its finally arrived... im off to raleigh on sunday and i cant wait! although i have started to get damn nervous in the past few days. im hoping the weather is gonna get better cuz it is pissing down ere in guzz. ah well at least the runs will be easier not so hot. !! im proper nervous now my fellow forumgoers i tell thee :pukel:
re: the Subject....Yes it remember the appropriate night wear comment and keep the sheets clean!

Also, Good Luck on what I hope will be the best time of your life. Enjoy it, respect it, it'll do the same.
Best of luck mate, I know you can do it! I'll see you down there in two weeks and we'll get out on the lash and go for a few runs during our summer leave.

Just be yourself mate and you'll be fine, you're one of the goodies.
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