Shite (literally) Tattoo

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Chaz, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. That's epic, I need a new hobby, throwing animal spunk at random women is sooo seasonal.

    Tattooing poo on girls sounds brilliant.
  2. Had quite a few shite tats when in loon mode, luckily they are above the elbows so covered by t-shirts. I had intended to carry on all the way down both arms but was sectioned just in time.

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  3. Shit tats are for winners.

    Mine are shit as fuck.
  4. Does RR have a gash tat thread? (I searched but couldn't find one), if not then that could be a potentially good thread!

  5. I am sure there was a thread once on gash tat's...Does 2DD have a palm tree growing out his bum hole or something like that???

    Either way, The guy who did the poo tattoo on her back is my legend.

    "Shit on me.....I will shit on you" :laughing2:
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  6. It would give the stalkers another method of id'ing me.
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  7. Yes, 'cept its a REAL one:slow:
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  8. Major upheaval in life so had this done, it is a mixture of Wingdings & Webdings fonts, translated it says BASTARD.

  9. It's flames, coming out of my hoop. I had it done in the four floors of whores in Singers while absolutely hammered.

    I'm awesome.
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  10. Good lad, I may follow suit one day...Literally a burning ring of fire!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. There is a phot somewhere in the gallery.
  12. 2DD,

    'fess up - IIRC you sold the sponged-down & air-brushed version to Howfen Lad as his avatar.
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